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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,182

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The flag needs to be lowered for John Lewis.

Dammit! It's being reported that 2 to 1 decision by Ct. Of Appeals is ordering Judge Sullivan to

dismiss the Flynn case!

Heads up! Trump Press conference on police reform coming up now.

Has Trump given an excuse for the sip of water? Was the glass slippery too?

Watch this video and tell me black people don't live in a police state in America.

Please watch. It will open your eyes.


Is the Confederacy finally defeated? Is it dead yet?

155 years after the civil war. Flags banned, statues toppled, even Gone With the Wind put down. Jim Crow (hopefully) dismantled.


Will things get back to the way the were after things settle down?

I remember how we thought the Emmet Till lynching would change things, the King assassination, Rodney King, Trayvon, Garner, etc.

My daughter asked me.

I sure wish they would release those apprentice tapes.

You know, the ones where he is reputed to have repeatedly used the "n"- word. My my what perfect timing and karmic justice that would be.

And if he tries to make a speech on race, let it be the day after that.

Name the black people besides Ben Carson that will flank Trump during his race speech.

Diamond and Silk?

That Sheriff from Texas with the big cowboy hat?

The "blacks for Trump" guy that got paid to appear at his rallies?

I wish I knew how to put pictures in my thread.

Trump disrespects and undermines our military by using them so shamefully.

Threatening American citizens on American soil. It's shameful.

Nothing can undermine the military more than this. It's morale, esprit de corps, ... raison d'etre.

He breaks everything!

I feel like we've been raped.

I'm hurt, angry, and humiliated. Please don't flame me - I'm not trying to minimize the horrors of rape. I was the subject of an attempt at age 16. I was able to fight it off.

This time there was nothing I could do but watch this horrible travesty. This is so fucked up.
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