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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 10,129

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Gorgeous day in the Pacific NW.. going out to dig clams and catch crab tomorrow...

Anniversary on Monday.. it's going to be a good weekend (despite being fairly well broke)
This is my youngest on the dig last month..

Dedicated to GD...

I started re-reading my Vlad Tepesh bio today..

Fuck, 15th century Europe was a nightmare...

"Strong wind. Destroy our home. Many dead tonight, it could be you..."

Just watched a cool 25th anniversary documentary about this album.. what an epic journey, and a timeless classic, beginning to end.

Which makes me wonder...

Can I dangle my dongle in Representative Dingell`s office? Or would that lead to me being paid a visit by Lieutenant Dangle??

Why did the chicken cross the road??

(Apologies if this is a dupe)

Rest in Peace, Alvin Lee.




Well, it was looking like it was going to be a bust of a season for wild mushrooms, but my buddy just came back from the coast last night with a huge bag of Saffron Milkcaps and Deceivers. He made us a couple omelettes, and I've still got probably two pounds in the fridge. Then, this morning my neighbor sent me some pictures of some fairy rings in her yard... Long story, short, we got a bunch of HUGE Shaggy Parasols out of her yard. I'm thinking wild rice & wild mushroom soup this weekend. Any other ideas?

Big Ed is having way too much fun on his radio show today!

lol.. opening by playing "Like a Rolling Stone" singing along and adding hootin and hollering!

My sister, an EMT in Eastern Connecticut is in the middle of a 38 hour shift.

Kudos to her, and to all the first responders out there for everything you do.
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