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Ice Age Footprints Full Episode NOVA PBS

I wonder if there were many bands of humans that came to North America, lived for awhile then died off? It's interesting that 13,000 years ago is when there is abundant evidence of them being widespread across the continent but not much before that. I am sure they will eventually find more evidence of them being around over 20,000 years ago in other places but it just doesn't seem like they had a solid foothold yet. Not to mention no human bones before 13,000 and plenty of megafauna bones found all through the ice age. But there is a lot more to discover.

Dupe (sorry did a search but nothing came up)


Italian photographer traveled the USA taking photos of Americans and their guns

Traveling to every corner of the United States, photographer Gabriele Galimberti captured proud gun owners and the American tradition to bear arms for a documentary project, titled “The Ameriguns.”

Obviously these people don't realize they are being mocked. They are proud of looking like deranged children.


BREAKING: Jim Acosta EVISCERATES NRA Board Member and leaves him SPEECHLESS!

The title is overblown but it's still worth watching.

Howard Stern Ridicules Trump Supporters - "Trump Despises You!"

Even if they really believed the shooter was done killing kids (stupid assumption) kids in the class

rooms needed medical care right away. I wonder how many died because they were bleeding badly, their organs began to fail etc. because they got ZERO medical care for over an hour?

A look at how the Uvalde shooter made entry into Robb Elementary and what happened inside

Uvalde: Police Admit To Doing Nothing

Why Japan Has No Mass Shootings

Onlookers: Uvalde Cops Seemingly Just Stood There

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