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Gender: Female
Current location: Minnesota
Member since: Wed Feb 25, 2004, 03:19 PM
Number of posts: 8,693

Journal Archives

Sand in the machine. Lessons from Norwegian Resistance

‪Thread by @TorEkelandPC: "My dad was tortured by the Gestapo for 4 days and thrown in a concentration camp for being in the Norwegian Resistance. Growing up, he would tell me things he learned in the Resistance. I thought, I'm never going to need this stuff. Here's […]" https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1011002957406588928.html‬

Barbaric Bondi Booed & Banished


See if you can pick out Stephen Miller

Article by a 3rd grade classmate. Look at the class photo of sweet smiling faces, one stands out. One looks like he just impaled a frog or set a kitten on fire. Creepy.


What is with CD-06?

For 20 years I’ve wanted to flip this seat. Patty Wetterling, El Tinklinberg, Jim Graves all lost to GOP Bachman or Emmer. Does GOP run stealth candidates as DFL to keep it red? Am I being paranoid? Now the only “DFL” opponent to Tom Emmer is Ian Todd and it seems he’s not even trying. I’ve written to him about his lukewarm candidacy and got a vague response. I wish Al Franken would run, but that’s a fantasy.
Frustrating, with the right candidate it could be blue again.

Franken has officially resigned. Effective noon today

Smith will be sworn in tomorrow


Franken has higher approval rating than Trump (Minnesota)

Franken approval 53%. Trump approval 44%


Klobuchar wants to release names of Senate harrassment payoffs

But Shelby is the holdout. Put pressure on him to release the names. I suspect some BIG Republican names are in the data. Shelby is covering for someone. Tim Kaine requested the list of names but was told it was already released to Senate Rules & Administration, Shelby’s Committee.

Nathan Bedford Forrest statue coming down in Memphis LIVE


Well no longer live. Within hours after decision, they are in process of taking it down.

GOP vultures already declaring for Frankens seat

Exactly Bannons plan, to target safe blue seats.


Need a smile? Obama giggling

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