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Gender: Male
Hometown: Illinois
Current location: Oregon
Member since: Fri Jul 23, 2004, 09:38 AM
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Question: What do we do if tomorrow morning, Trump pardons everyone.

Unconditionally. His idiot son, Kushner, Manafort, Flynn. The whole lot, top to bottom, even the Russians.

I posed this question in response to an O/P, and got very little in the way of response. But we all know Trump as no moral scruples whatsoever, so why wouldn't he pardon everyone? Game over, investigation done. Does he give a shit how it would look? All that would be left possible is his own impeachment, and the GOP has shown no inclination to go there.

So what would we do? I think we'd better consider this as a real possibility.

Love to hear everyone's thoughts. As far as I know, the President's pardon authority is total and cannot be overridden.

I was thinking of Trump's supporters and how they'll react at the end of this road we're on.

No matter how Trump goes down, and I believe he's going down, they will never accept it. If he resigns, if he's forced from office under the 25th amendment, if he's impeached, if he just has a heart attack and keels over on the 8th hole at Mar a Lago, they'll never believe it or accept it. It will be a liberal/Clinton/Obama conspiracy and we will have a severe internal fight, possibly even civil war, on our hands. His supporters have shown themselves to be able to believe anything, to be convinced of anything, and that anything is acceptable if it furthers their cause. I'm afraid I don't see this ending well. Comments?

My mother used to call it manners

I'm getting old (66 this year), but we didn't have political correctness when I was growing up. It was called basic manners. You didn't say mean things about people's skin color. You didn't say bad things about religion. You didn't know or want to know what they did in the privacy of their homes. It was simply none of your business, so keep your mouth shut. Now, in an over-reaction to what they deem "political correctness" Trump's followers are emboldened to say any damn thing that pops into their decaying heads. My mom would say they don't have any manners. And she'd be right.
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