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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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Ann Coulter: “21st-century white American men” are “the most pacific human beings in world history”

“After 20 years of nearly non-stop mass murder by non-white immigrants in a country that is still majority white,” she wrote, “our media have the audacity to claim that tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims are less dangerous than the most pacific human beings in world history: 21st-century white American men.”


Any white American man born in the 21st-century is 15 years old at the most, so maybe they'll become more warlike up as they grow older.


Re: Background Checks


Fox pundit: 'I confront my whiteness by ‘going to the tanning salon’

Fox pundit says ‘white privilege is racist’: I confront my whiteness by ‘going to the tanning salon’

On Tuesday’s edition of The O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly complained to Pavlich and Fox Business host Kennedy Montgomery that the University of Vermont had offered a three day retreat to help students understand the concept of “white privilege.”

“You didn’t give me a trigger warning before you asked me about my whiteness!” Montgomery snarked. “I don’t even know what it means to confront one’s whiteness.”

“I have never cashed in on my white privilege,” she added.

Pavlich chimed in: “To me, especially in the Northeast, confronting my white privilege is going to the tanning salon.”


Planned Parenthood Isn't Killing Children.


Ongoing Forecast For A Gun-Obsessed Society




America without white normative privilege.


Wow, this chart today:


The Truth About Capitalism Today:

San Bernardino Shootings: "God Isn't Fixing This"


The cover highlighted tweets from several GOP presidential candidates, many of whom immediately offered thoughts and prayers after Wednesday's shooting, as well as after previous instances of gun violence, but continually refuse to support gun-control legislation that could prevent future mass shootings.


“Thoughts and prayers” are pretty meaningless when you’re totally beholden to the gun

Compare & Contrast:

"It is good to think and pray," Volsky said. "But these folks only want to think and pray. And the NRA only pays them to only think and pray about gun violence and not to do anything else about it. You know they spend some thirty million dollars in the 2014 election independent expenditures, making sure that all certain lawmakers do is think and pray and nothing else. I am all for thinking and for praying and for having these very serious moments where we reflect on what happened, where we remember the victims. But I think the country is ready for action, for actually something to be done, not just the thinking and the praying."


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