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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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69 year old black woman in Virginia brought 4 forms of ID to polls & still couldn't vote


Sooooooooo Good

Eleanor Roosevelt's 1959 telegram to JFK ("my dear boy")

Eleanor Roosevelt's 1959 telegram to JFK ("my dear boy" after he complained about her public criticism:


The gun isn’t just a piece of history. It is a trophy for white supremacists.


BUSTED: Trump-loving comment trolls pose as Sanders and Clinton supporters to divide Democrats

BUSTED: Trump-loving comment trolls pose as Sanders and Clinton supporters to divide Democrats

An Internet troll who claims to have found deep divisions among factions of the Left on Twitter laid out a plan Saturday for fellow Donald Trump supporters to exploit those fissures.

Posting on the sometimes-dubious message board 4chan, the anonymous poster wrote a post entitled, “Let’s troll Bernie and Hillary supporters systematically,” where the writer says he/she posed as a Democratic voter and trolled supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in an effort to deepen divisions and help Trump secure a victory in November.

“We need to take advantage of this. This is Trump’s gift,” the 4chan troll wrote. “If we’re serious about a Trump presidency we need to start infiltrating their conversations in order to sow more divison (sic). I’m talking systematic and long-term /mischief/, not just a hew minutes trolling dumbass SJW’s. Look at the chaos and damage I was able to make yesterday, just one person, with no real rudeness in my replies. Imagine that writ large: My account is @realJohnMilIer.”

“SJW” stands for “social justice warrior.”

The Twitter account for “real John Miller” indeed seems to show activity celebrating divisions among Clinton and Sanders supporters.


more snippets:

Way More:

Trump Speaks The Truth: “The world is laughing at us right now.”

The Full Text Of Trump’s First Address To A Major Hispanic Group Is Really Something
“National. Hispanic. Christian. Three. Great. Words,” Trump says in the video.

posted on May 21, 2016, at 9:29 a.m.

“It’s so great to be with the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. We’re gonna do a lot of things if I get elected president. We’re gonna bring back jobs and that you understand. The world is taking our jobs and we’ve gotta stop it.

“We’re gonna take care of minority unemployment. It’s a huge problem, it’s really unfair to minorities, and we’re going to solve that problem and it’s going to be solved once and for all. We’re going to create good schools, and I mean, in some cases, hopefully, great schools. And really save communities because our communities in many cases are not safe, which is really unfair to Hispanics, and frankly, everybody else.

“We’re gonna do massive tax cuts, especially for the middle class, and people that are poor are going to pay nothing. They’re struggling, it’s tough, and under my plan which is filed under DonaldJTrump.com you’re going to see it’s nothing. Absolutely nothing. You’re going to get it, you’re going to go out, we’re going to bring back jobs. You’re going to start paying taxes after you’re making a lot of money and hopefully that’s going to be soon.

“We’re going to make great, great trade deals. So important. The world is laughing at us right now. We’re losing our jobs, we’re losing so much, whether it’s China or whether it’s Japan or whether it’s so many other countries. Our trade deals are horrendous and that’s where we’re losing our jobs. That’s going to end.
“We’re going to stop drugs from pouring into our country. We’re going to strengthen our borders. People are going to come into our country but they’re going to come in through a process. They’ll come in legally but we’re going to stop the drugs and we are going to curb our debt. Our debt is a disaster, we owe right now $19 trillion, it’s gotta stop. By the way, the $19 trillion is going up to $21 trillion very, very soon. So we have to curb our debt and we will do that.

“I just want to thank everybody, we’re going to be working very hard. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to win and we’re going to take care of everybody. Our country is going to be unified for the first time in a long time. And again, I just want to thank the, the whole group, and all of the committees that asked me to do this.

“National. Hispanic. Christian. Three. Great. Words. We’re going to take care of you, we’re going to work with you, you’re going to be very happy, you’re going to like President Trump.”

riendo a carcajadas
VIDEO, Great Comments & MORE:

Emperor Trump has even less clothes than the usual Republican nominee. That he’s gotten as far as he has — all that free airtime and wasted column space — is attributable to our media overlords, panting after the bucks.

I have more faith in American voters, and in Democrats mobilizing to turn out their voters

Exactly. People who say Trump is “authentic” or he’s “connecting with the American people” think so little of the American people. Fiorina was correct when she called Trump “Kim Kardashian of politics.” He gets a lot of attention but that doesn’t mean people like him or admire him. He’s a carnival barker and that’s why he gets a lot of attention but that won’t translate into votes. I am confident that the Clinton campaign is run by smart people who’ll exploit every erratic weakness and show him for the clown he is. Americans will not vote for him, unless they’re blinded by partisanship, hatred of the other or plain dumb. And all those demographics are already on his side.

All 3 never served in time of war

Wayne La P, Chris Cox and Trump photographed together at NRA:


Applying For A Poverty Wage


The Fact That You're Going To Die Is Donald Trump's Biggest Asset, Psychologists Say

The Fact That You're Going To Die Is Donald Trump's Biggest Asset, Psychologists Say
Studies show that people are more likely to support Donald Trump after being reminded of the inevitability of their mortality. Seriously.

What if the inevitability of death is the key to understanding 2016?

For thousands of years, philosophers and theologians have tried to grasp what it means to live in the shadow of death. More recently, psychologists have taken up the challenge as well. Academics working in the burgeoning field of Terror Management Theory have spent the past three decades studying how our knowledge of death’s inevitability shapes every aspect of human life — including our politics.

One of Terror Management Theory’s pioneers, Skidmore College professor Sheldon Solomon, has spent his career studying the relationship between people’s behavior and their awareness of their own mortality. In 2015, he decided to examine the particular effect mortality awareness had on support for Trump. The New York billionaire had recently launched his campaign for the Republican nomination but was still far from becoming the presumptive nominee.

The results of Solomon’s study were unambiguous. People who were reminded of their own death were far more likely to support Trump.


Unmuzzling the Ox

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