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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
Number of posts: 66,781

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Kavanaugh is very dangerous and he is part of the right wing's plans for control

Kavanaugh made his bones by:

Working with Karl Rove in the 2004 election.

Being one of the main persons behind Citizens United.

Help please .... my mom's iMac has frozen up and she is worried that it is broken any ideas?

It turns on and off but does not respond to any commands from the key pad
or mouse (thumb scroll). I have to go over and fix it now.

Conspiracy theory, "They" will use Kavanaugh as the reason for their miracle wins in the ...

.... upcoming elections but in truth they will "win" because of those God damn
electronic voting machines*. But we can't give up so we have to do the following:

1) Show up and vote in massive #s.

b) Vote early!

iii) Where possible vote on paper.

4) Volunteer to do election protection work if you can.

I don't won't to hear on CNN or MSNBC they day after the election about how the
cruel way the Democrats treated Judge Kavanaugh during his hearings brought
out the republican base which will be the republican talking point to explain their
unexpected victories.

* Look @ the 2015 KY's governor's race. The Dem who was the State’s A.G. or Sec. of State was +5 or 6 points
up lost by 9 points ….. a 14 point swing and the reason “they” gave was the awful treatment of Kim “I ain’t gonna
give a wedding license to no gays” Davis and that turned out the vote. McConnell is well aware of the vote rigging
by the GOP.

The manufacturing of the lie/cover story using Rachel Mitchell. She was not a "special prosecutor."

Please don't spread bullshit on toast and tell me to eat up it is just "country style"
apple butter.

Trump, Grassely, and Huckleberry Sanders have all gone to the "special prosecutor"
Rachel Mitchell found nothing about Judge Kavanaugh that would disqualify him to
sit on the Supreme Court meme.

1) Rachel Mitchell was not a special prosecutor but a lawyer hired by the GOP
senators in order to give them cover and to make the case for Kavanaugh being
on the bench @ the SCOTUS.

2) Mitchell did not call any witnesses who could have corroborated either Judge
Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford's stories.

3) Mitchell was given all morning to question Dr. Ford but she was gone w/in seconds
when Kavanaugh started to stumble in answering her questions.

"They" want and need Kavanaugh on the court to give Trump and the GOP cover for their
crimes w/Russia and that is why they are pushing Kavanaugh so hard. See Gamble v USA.


A picture of Brett Kavanaugh from his "beach week"

Huckabee Sanders: "The president's father gave him an initial $1 million loan, which he paid back.

In a statement to The Times, the president’s spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, reiterated what Mr. Trump has always claimed about the evolution of his fortune: “The president’s father gave him an initial $1 million loan, which he paid back. President Trump used this money to build an incredibly successful company as well as net worth of over $10 billion, including owning some of the world’s greatest real estate.”


Conspiracy: Was Trump's mocking of Dr. Ford done to change the news as per the NYT's Trump story?


Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, tells people to 'think of your son'


Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father

Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick to be excluded from FBI investigation


The FBI will not interview Julie Swetnick, the third woman to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, according to multiple reports and the Republican senator Lindsey Graham, highlighting the narrow scope of the agency’s supplemental investigation into Donald Trump’s supreme court nominee.

After NBC News and the other outlets said Swetnick would not be questioned, the White House, which has stood by Kavanaugh through the fallout from an explosive Senate hearing on Thursday, denied it was limiting the investigation.

On Saturday Donald Trump said on Twitter he wanted the FBI “to interview whoever they deem appropriate, at their discretion”


Swetnick has claimed, in a sworn statement, that Kavanaugh and Judge engaged in lewd behavior with young women at high school parties, and alleged the two placed drugs or alcohol in punch in order to inebriate women so they could be “gang raped” by other partygoers.

BTW the right is conducting a b.s. smear campaign against Ms. Swetnick right now. Now why do my
spider senses tell that these are b.s. charges? Because if they were true Ms. Swetnick would not have held
and still have all the top level security clearances* she was granted.

* https://heavy.com/news/2018/09/julie-swetnick-work-history-security-clearance/
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