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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 69,371

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Bob Mueller is a kung fu ninja samurai warrior

He just used Trump/Russia's strengths against them.

Hacking, disinformation, the use of social media, and using right wing
media to spread lies ( Fox News) were their S.O.P. and Kung Fu Bobby
used his Vulcan mind meld to hoist them on their own petard.

And in the end Donald Trump & Mitch McConnell will be regarded the same as John Wilkes Booth

For those in the path of the cold blast .... Mandolin Wind

Coldest winter in almost 14 years
Buffalo died in the frozen snows.

MSNBC shutdown twice the cost of the wall

Will this make any difference to his base?



37 indictments

7 found guilty

100+ contacts




Please remember that Roger Stone was the man behind the Brooks Brothers Riot


Right now Fox News' Web Page: Australian woman bitten by 5-foot snake while on the toilet

Australian woman bitten by 5-foot snake while on the toilet


An Australian woman received quite a shock Tuesday when she was sitting on the toilet and felt some pain which turned out to be a snake bite.

Helen Richards, 59, was at a relative’s home in Brisbane when she was bitten by the five-foot carpet python. Richards detailed the incident after feeling a “sharp tap.”

"I jumped up with my pants down and turned around to see what looked like a longneck turtle receding back into the bowl," Richards told the Courier Mail.

Pg. 2 STONE was an official on the presidential campaign of Donald J Trump ....

READ: Roger Stone indictment by federal grand jury


Posted by DUer UpInArms.


Dying ain't easy.

My 90 year old dad took a fall on thanksgiving 2018 and broke his hip. He refused any
rehab care after his hip replacement and so I had him taken back home for hospice care.
My 86 year old mom has been a road block @ times, he fights me when I try to help him
get up after a fall, and now it looks like he might not see the next month but ....

...it is what it is and in the end you gotta do the right thing.

BTW back in the day as a kid I met or knew of some wonderful people who were republicans
through my Dad .... Chuck Percy, Ray Shafer of PA, Bill Miller of Goldwater Miller, Ike, Margaret
Chase Smith of Maine, Norm Ornstein, Russel Baker, Bill Scranton, Mark Hatfield of OR, and others.

After his fall the nurse @ the hospital asked him questions to judge his lucidity and when asked
who is the President he said, "Do I have to answer that?" The nurse laughed and said no we hear that
all the time.

Oh well.

So $100,000,000 was poured into Trump's inauguration from various countries, oligarchs, ....

... corporations, millionaires, billionaires, right wing operatives, and "other folks" to buy influence w/
Trump & Company and then good God in butter did the grifting go mega-boom*. And then I see something
about the producer of "The Apprentice" being tied somehow to Russian money .... what the fuck is happening?

At this point I can't wrap my head around everything or even part of everything but all I can ask is:

What crimes or grifting didn't they commit?

* $40,000,00 for Ms. Ivanka and the Trump Properties ..... $2.5 million or $20,000,00 for a friend of
Melania's to do something or other for the inauguration and BTW her friend's company had never done
anything like that before. (rough facts and figures)
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