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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 69,334

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ATTN Rep. McCarthy .... Trae Crowder aka the Liberal Redneck speaks for me.

Trae, "So I say for one fine, floor it sally forth. Fuck 'em up and let's see what happens."

I wonder if Ivanka still doesn't know who Allen Weisselberg is and his job title?


Never forget this about Rumsfeld

In Dec. of 2001 or January of 2002 we had an elite squad of Rangers less then 1 mile of bin Laden's cave in the mountains of Afghanistan and he called them off. And why did he do that you ask? Because with Osama bin Laden dead they would have had a much harder time selling Cheney's war for Iraqi oil.

Rummy also signed off on PNAC's (project for a new American Century) letter to President Clinton asking for a war in Iraq.

That poor little Syrian boy laying dead on that Turkish beach was running with his family from ISIS which was created in the aftermath of Rummy/Cheney/bush's Iraq War.

Fuck him I hope he suffered.

Trump's base speaks


QAnon people think that they found JFK Jr. @ Trump's Loraine County, OH Rally last weekend.




9:11 pm and still light

Just a random thought

General question: Do more Americans die every day because of guns or the building complex in FL?


It is all the same people who go to these Trump "Bund Rallies." Very few 1st timers at the OH ...

... rally yesterday. I wish the media would cover this fact.

They come from 100s of miles away to be with their kind, live in some kind of fantasy world of bullshit, racism, and lies.

"Front Row Joes" travel to Trump events nationwide and set up camp early to get the best seats ..."

"Front Row Joes" travel to Trump events nationwide and set up camp early to get the best seats at rallies.

aka a Trumpers' delta variant super spreader event


Classy w/a K!

You can't fake this. What a good person. (Jill Biden)


Thanx to DUer let my people vote for posting this 1st.

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