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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 04:49 PM
Number of posts: 67,436

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This was in MY NEIGHBORHOOD last Christmas. Columbus, OH (Clintonville)

This is a national problem. Time to ban those AR, AK, and M-16s. When is enough enough?


These proud boys came from up to 500 miles away to stop a local church from having
a Christmas party for little children that had some drag queens reading CHRISTMAS STORIES
to the children.

Not exciting but this is a must see video Presidents Biden y Fernndez of Argentina is awesome

Joe is the best President of my lifetime.


FYI Xercis Society (good people) For Pollinators' Sakes, Don't Spring into Garden Cleanup Too Soon!

For Pollinators' Sakes, Don’t Spring into Garden Cleanup Too Soon!
By Justin Wheeler on 16. March 2023

Spring is here. A time when warmer weather naturally turns a winter-weary homeowner’s thoughts towards tackling outdoor chores. The first warm weather of the season may coax us out into the yard, but pollinators in your garden aren’t ready to take a chance on the first warm day.

Chrysalides still cling to last season’s dried standing plant material. While you may begin to see bumble bees and ground-nesting bees emerge as flowering trees and shrubs burst into bloom, they still need cover during chilly nights and heavy spring showers. While mining bees, mason bees, carpenter bees, and bumble bees may be out and about by early April, other species such as sweat bees are still hiding out, waiting for the warmer days that arrive in May. Meanwhile, last year’s leaf litter is still providing protection for both plants and invertebrates against late-season frosts.

So when is the right time to unleash your itchy green thumbs and reach for the rake? Unfortunately there isn’t a hard and fast answer to this question, and the exact date will vary based upon where you are in the country. To offer some guidance, consider asking yourself the following questions.

more info @ link


Now where are the AR pin wearing mother fuckers?

Call your Congress Critters today. Are they proud on how they made "the libs" have an a sad now?

They need to be called out on the House Floor today.

Btw who were they?

Georgia bill is latest GOP effort targeting prosecutors

Source: AP

ATLANTA (AP) — A new Georgia commission to discipline and remove wayward prosecutors would be the latest move nationwide to ratchet up oversight on what Republicans see as “woke prosecutors” who aren’t doing enough to fight crime.

The Georgia House voted 97-77 on Monday for Senate Bill 92 to create the commission. The Senate later sent the measure to Republican Gov. Brian Kemp for his signature or veto. Kemp has previously voiced support for the concept.


Carissa Hessick, a law professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said the Republican push tries to reverse a sea change in prosecution. Hessick, who directs the Prosecutors and Politics Project, said that for the first time voters are confronted with meaningful debate about prosecutors’ policies.


Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has decried the measure, claiming it’s a racist attack after voters elected 14 nonwhite district attorneys in Georgia in 2020. Willis pushed herself to the center of the controversy even as she’s mulling charges against former President Donald Trump for interfering in Georgia’s 2020 election. Some have viewed it as Republican retribution against the Atlanta prosecutor.

Read more: https://apnews.com/article/georgia-prosecutor-district-attorney-remove-discipline-dd06c56d0d0672e38ef11f4c63dda468

"They" know Trump is guilty, they know that people in Georgia tried to sign up as un-elected
electors to present false ballots to change the outcome of the 2020 Presidential elections
which is illegal, and they don't give a shit about the rule of law. "They" don't want certain people
to vote or have their votes counted.

This is a Christo-Fascist move by people who can't accept the legal outcome to elections.

"The effort was born from frustrations involving a white Republican prosecutor in suburban Atlanta who was indicted for bribery related to sexual harassment claims. He lingered until he pleaded guilty to unprofessional conduct and resigned in 2022."

Good Bye DU I have found love! I just got this email.

Hello my new friend. I don't know why I am writing to u, but I was very interested. I 've found one undelivered email in drafts. In former times I wanted to write an email 4 you. Unfortunately I failed. You know, my parents called me Elizaveta, and can you introduce yourself? What is your place of birth? If u wanna to get to know me more so we 'll prolong our companionship. Just because of this cold spring I have a sense of separation. I 'm expecting your prompt answer.

She says that she lives close and just needs my C.C. #s for her own safety

George Harrison Give Me Love .... BTW my granddaughter Iyla just came to join this world @ 6:35 pm


Mom and Ms Iyla are doing great.

Damn it is dusty in my little house ... my eyes keep getting wet.

Today is gonna be one of the worst days in TFG's life

A judge might rule that Trump's own lawyer will have to testify against him in the stolen documents
case which tells me that Jack Smith might be going for an obstruction of justice charge against Trump.


And it looks likely that he is gonna be indicted, arrested, appear in court or @ the D.A.'s office after
which he will have mug shots taken, be fingerprinted, and most likely have to have his mouth swabbed
for his DNA. And the Stormy Daniels case for which he has to appear in court for is all put a slam dunk
... they have the check with which he paid her with his signature on it.


And E. Jean Carroll's attorneys will very likely try to get those DNA results for her case against against Donny
in which she is gonna sue him for millions.


Granddaughter # 2 is showing up tomorrow.

I'm rich. Her name is Iyla which is Hindi for moonbeam.
Mom was at the Doctor's this PM and Iyla is ready to go in the am.

Donny is getting arrested in the morning ding dong the courthouse bells will chime ....

Pull out the stopper, let’s ’ave a whopper,
But get him to the courthouse on time.
Trumpy gotta be there in the morning,
Spruced up and lookin’ at his orange prime.
The N.Y. P.D. is putting up the barricades right now
and when we see his mug shot America will go wow wow wow

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