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Current location: TN
Member since: Fri Aug 19, 2005, 10:23 AM
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Watching TV shows ...

well, on Netflix, of course. I find myself almost gasping when I see people in the shows having dinner at a restaurant or weddings or just doing normal things like dating and hanging out in the break room at work. I feel like we will never see that normal stuff again in real life. It's just so strange to be shocked to see it on a tv show. I almost yell at them, "Don't you know we have a deadly virus spreading around???" And, of course, the show was filmed no less than a year ago. This is real Twilight Zone shit.

Doesn't matter that he has COVID. He's still a disgrace.

He's a disgrace to the office of the president and a disgrace to the human race. I have been so angry over the past almost 4 years that I can barely see straight. I live smack in the middle of trump country and there's no way my vote will make a dent at all, but I'll cast it anyway like I always do. I've never voted for a Republican and surely will not start now.

Here's the thing that's getting to me at this moment. While he's sick, he's getting the best treatment, resort-like rooms, and probably doesn't even have to wear one of those expose-your-ass gowns ... although we've all seen his ass more than we ever wanted to. He won't even get a bill for it, but you can bet we will!

Meanwhile, in the good old US of A, real people are suffering real consequences of his disastrous presidency. There are way too many to enumerate. And this is a rant, so I'd miss some anyway. Since he's living high off the hog in our hospital, I'm pretty damn angry about how much regular people are suffering, particularly since so much of it could have been avoided.

In the mildest form, without a positive COVID test and with a secure income, we have all lost our way of life. No more movies, family gatherings, weddings, dinners out, vacations, day trips to Asheville (yeah I really miss them), neighborhood BBQs, just to name a few. The kids have to be in an unnatural learning environment that will affect their academic lives likely for several years. We've become forced hermits if we're trying hard not to let this thing spread even more.

I'd put the next level as still not having a positive test, but losing that secure income. We've lost jobs before and it's damn scary. And that's when there are jobs to be found and we sort of knew it was only a matter of time before we were employed again. I can't even imagine the stress of losing an income indefinitely, trying to find work when the economy is hurting and companies are closing their doors. The uncertainty, the bills piling up, grumbling hungry tummies, stressing over the smallest expense. Maybe you're not sick yet, but you will be soon if you can't get some relief from the stress.

Next comes having a positive test but no symptoms. You may or may not be employed. Well, OK, not a whole lot different except that now you have to even stay home from buying necessities and you really shouldn't be with anyone at all until you get a negative test. Now you have more stress because you know how bad it could get if you're not one of the lucky ones.

Then you have a positive test with mild symptoms. I heard from a friend that "mild" is sort of like when a male doctor describes childbirth as "uncomfortable." Basically, you're sick and you feel sick and hope like hell that you can somehow care for yourself. The loss of taste and smell might not sound like a biggie, but I also heard from my friend that it's very disturbing. Oh, and if you still have a job, you might lose that from being sick. Or maybe you just won't get paid for the time you're out sick. Either way, it's going to cost you.

All that sounds pretty bad to me and damn scary. But wait, it gets worse. Maybe you have to go to the doctor. Or the hospital. EVEN IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE, YOU WILL PAY. Yep! You will have co-pays that could wipe out your budget for this month or this year or this decade, depending on how bad it is. If you've already lost your job, well you're truly fucked. So is your family. And let's not forget that even if you recover, however severe your symptoms were, COVID is like a time bomb and you have no idea when the organ damage will hit you hard. If the Republicans are successful at killing the ACA, congratulations! You are now uninsurable.

Finally, you could die. Your spouse could die. Your kids could die. Your friends ... I could go on, but you get it. You or someone you love could die from this. Over 200,000 people have already died in this country. Whether you're the one who dies or the one who has to go on after your loved one dies, I don't have to tell you what you've lost. Pretty much all of the above and a whole world of hurt more. Forever.

I will not feel any sympathy for the monsters who allowed all this to come about. I hope every one of them gets good and sick from it. I hope it hurts them like hell. It won't hit them in the wallet. We all know that. And it likely will only kill maybe one or two of them. They are empty shells who no one will truly miss. Somehow getting sick turns them into some kind of deities just because people can now finally see their humanity. Right. That dog won't hunt for me! No matter how sick they get, they are still monsters and they are still responsible for all the suffering that has been allowed and encouraged to happen to the rest of us poor schmucks who are only trying to make life better for our families and the rest of the country. They will never, ever have to worry about losing their jobs or incomes or not being able to pay their medical bills. So fuck the lot of them. They could have stood up for the country and chose not to.

Let's not forget how many times MF45 ridiculed Joe Biden for wearing a mask. Let's not forget how he declared Hillary weak when she had pneumonia. Or how he made fun of a disabled person. You know the list and the events. Getting COVID did NOTHING to suddenly turn this monster into a decent, compassionate human being, worthy of anyone's sympathy. He is the embodiment of evil. That has not changed.

As for Melania? She has been complicit since day one. She knew what she was marrying and she chose to stay. She chose to deride Barack Obama right next to that creep she married. We all know her "Be Better" bullshit is just that, bullshit. I feel no sympathy for her either.

OK, I did mention that I'm angry. And maybe I'm not a nice person. I just don't feel like being nice to or about evil people who have so grievously hurt my country and those I love. I make no apologies.

Help on how to donate please

Maybe a week or so ago, someone posted a thread, or maybe it was a reply, containing donation links to key races. Could have been ActBlue, but I don't remember. When I go to ActBlue, it just shows me a generic donation page. I want to give to Mark Kelly, AmyMcGrath, Jaime Harrison, Sara Gideon, and, of course, Joe Biden. If I've missed any, please tell me. That was just off the top of my head.

Is it suggested to give individually or just do the ActBlue thing and let them split it up?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I can give about $25 each. It's not much, but it's something and I hope it can help.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, everyone. I accidentally gave $50 to Joe Biden twice. It was confusing because they redirected me to his page. No biggie. I just hope these people win our country back for us!

Thank you for helping me name my kitten!


You had such marvelous suggestions! I tried them all out on her in every combination. The one that eventually stuck came from MissHoneychurch. It's not as fancy as some I had considered. But she responds to it and it somehow fits her. It definitely rolls off the tongue and is almost as fast as she is. The way she comes running when I call her, it's obvious that there isn't time for more than two syllables.

I think the vet's office will have an easy enough time spelling it, even though it's a slightly different spelling from what is usually used around here. They definitely will be able to pronounce it. (If not, it's time for a new veterinarian!)

Finally, it was a challenge to find a name that didn't sound like one we had already used: Kyra, Belle, Sam, Sheba, Simon, Sidney, Sarabi, Sunny, Sebastian, Sparky, Sashka, Sabrina, Sierra, Sassy, Serengeti, Sesame, Sophie, and Satchmo. And it's not the name of pets we know, like Sapphire, Sadie, and Savannah.

So here's the moment you've been waiting for. Her new name is Sissi! It's simple, yet perfect, with multiple meanings and origins.

I meant to respond to all of your suggestions and I gave it the old college try. However, our house has been absolute mayhem since Sissi came. Sierra, the former baby, didn't speak to me the first day. Kyra, my brother's old sailboat kitty, hisses and walks away but is otherwise fine. She told me when Sierra came to live with us that she really doesn't like kids, but she'll put up with them and eventually play with them. She and Sierra are friends now. I'm hoping they'll let Sissi into their little sister club.

So again, thank you! DU rocks! You rock!


I like that. Sassy was my first kitty ever, so I can't use that name again.

Yes, she is on her way right now ... which is why you didn't hear from me.

Help name my kitten?

Foster failure ... part Siamese, enough for her to be really vocal. She's about 3 months old. Tabby points. Very smart. I've met her and she already loves me. The feeling's mutual. We'd prefer an unusual but easy to pronounce name beginning with S.

This is your pet challenge for the day.


Here are some pics.


We named her Sissi. Three of us had to agree. I loved all the suggestions! Thank you so much!

Free State Project?

I just found out that my youngest daughter is moving her family to New Hampshire to join this. I dunno ... is the kick in the gut that I'm feeling justified? She also ranted about how she couldn't get yarn at some craft stuff because it's being run by a bunch of socialists who won't let everyone in the store at the same time. And, gosh, the store makes them stand a certain distance away from each other. I suddenly feel like I have entered an alternate reality.

Looking for a thread

A day or so ago, someone posted a video at a hair salon ... buckets of water being dumped on the client, etc. It was funny. Can't remember if it was in the Lounge or GD. I'm not very good at searching DU and can't remember much of the thread title. Can anyone help?

I was texting with my hairdresser today and told her I'd send it if I could find it.

And, no, we're not going to get our haircuts done anytime soon.


Some perspective on testing.

I live in a county with just over 69,000 residents. According to the TN's DOH website, we have 35 total cases as of today. There have been 349 negative labs. State-wide, we have 7,238 cases and 93,451 negative labs out of a population of 6.829 million. Our governor is going to open the state on May 1. And he has said that anyone who wants to be tested can be tested, which is actually a lie. You have to be experiencing a specific set of symptoms in order to be tested.

Anyone see a problem with any of this?

We're signing our new wills this week.

We did all the work with the attorney via Zoom and email. And we'll do a drive-thru sort of signing, with gloves and masks and back doors. He's as afraid of this thing as we are, which is somehow comforting. It means he's being careful.

Still, it's pretty sad that we feel the urgency so intensely.
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