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Member since: Fri Feb 2, 2007, 11:43 PM
Number of posts: 14,249

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Did anyone bother to tell Rachel Mitchell that she's supposed to be on the GOP's side?

Because she doesn't seem to realize it.

The guys on the GOP side of the Judiciary Committee must be ready to explode.

Avenatti Topps Betty Bowers

Snap, snap, and snap

Oh, good Lord! Another one?

Brett Kavanaugh needs to go sit his ass down somewhere and forget about the Supreme Court.

In fact, he needs to forget about being a judge altogether.

Tweet of the day - and it's not even mid-afternoon


Does the turn the Kavanaugh nomination has taken affect Biden's chances of a presidential run?

I think it does.

His role in the Anita Hill hearings was mostly forgotten, even if not forgiven, but now that has all been brought back, it is more difficult for it to be downplayed as no big deal or too far in the past.

What do you all think?

Maybe Feinstein did the right thing

Like many of you, I was really ticked off at Dianne Feinstein for withholding the information about the assault accusation against Kavanaugh.

But now that Professor Ford has come forward on the record, I'm thinking that - whether she was being intentionally strategic or not - Feinstein's handling of this may work out for the best. By keeping the information confidential and turning it over to the FBI, Feinstein is inoculated against accusations that she was playing political football or "gotcha." Had she revealed this earlier, the Republicans would have had the time and space to twist it, sit on it, throw dust, dirt and smoke at it and generally turn it into a nothingburger.

But the revelation coming when it did has caught the Republicans and Kavanaugh - who were busy doing a victory dance before getting into the endzone - flatfooted. Right now, they're jammed.

I don't know whether this was intentional or part of a bigger plan or just happenstance, but I think that it may actually work out since I suspect if Kavanaugh is pressured to respond under oath, he will withdraw his nomination.

This is getting interestinger and interestinger ...

Kavanaugh needs to be put under oath and, among other things, answer these two questions:

"Did you ever discuss this allegation with anyone from the White House, the Federalist Society, any Senator, or Senate staff prior to September 14, 2018?"

"If so, with whom did you discuss it, when was it first discussed and what was the nature of the discussions?"

Judiciary Committee Democrats Appreciation Thread

Thank you for standing your ground, for preparing your arses off, for working like a cohesive team, for getting in the Republicans' faces and for holding Kavanaugh's feet and other parts to the fire.

You're doing us proud. Keep it going!

Let's take a few moments to watch a maestro at the top of her game

This just might make your day:

Pierce speaks for me: "Just Shut Up and Quit"


Jesus H. Christ on an auto-glass ad, everybody who watched him for 11 seconds on the campaign trail figured this out. You'd have to have had the brain of a marmoset not to be convinced of this back in 19-goddamn-79. More than 60 million people voted for him anyway. You took a job with him. When the scales fall from your eyes, make sure they don't hit you in the feet.
Yeah, his behavior in office has shocked the hell out of me, too. Who could've guessed that a raving know-nothing with a gold commode might turn out to be a tacky president*?

Enough of this stuff. Stand up in the light of day and tell your stories. All of them, right from the beginning. Admit that what you're confronting now is the end result of 40 years of conservative politics and all the government-is-the-problem malfeasance you've been imbibing since you were wingnuts in swaddling. The fire's licking at your ankles at last. Come out of the cupboards, you boys and girls. None of you are heroes.
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