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Member since: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 12:43 AM
Number of posts: 14,245

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A sure sign that Mueller delivered and Democrats kicked ass today:

The number of “concern” threads here about how “frail” and “ineffective” and “complicit Mueller was, how the Democrats blew it, and what a dud the hearings were.

Transparent as hell.

I see the "Harris is too racist" threads are dying down and the "Pelosi's too weak" threads are back

And the beat goes on ...

Biden said something that Harris and lots of other people said was hurtful. Biden apologized

“for the pain or misconception that I caused.”

So why are people still attacking Harris and others for saying she found his words hurtful after he admitted himself that they were?

It’s really time to let it go, people.

What happened to all of the "Nancy Pelosi is weak" and "Impeach NOW or ELSE!" threads?

A couple of weeks ago, this board was inundated with them. Now, Poof! Gone.

Where’d they all go? Did Speaker Pelosi do or say something that got folks off her back?

Or is there only so much “outrage” to go around and someone else said or did something that shifted all of the fire and ire toward them?

I can't help noticing for every OP complaining about busing as a discussion issue, there seems

to be two OPs talking about Harris’ position on busing - and that more often than not, the complaints and the “Harris on busing” OPs are all coming from the same people.

It’s breathtaking how many here seem to falling for and are even (unwittingly, I’m sure) promoting the ratfucking.

C’mon people! Wake up. You’re being played!

Which candidate(s) will take a run at Biden in the next debate, now that he's shown a vulnerability

in not thinking fast enough on his feet.

And I wonder if the reaction will be as aggressive and angry as the response to his record being challenged in the last debate.

It will be interesting to see.

Y'all DO realize that some of the Harris-Biden fights here are eerily similar to the 2016 battles

we later learned were cultivated and ginned up on Russian troll farms, right?

I mean, really - just look at the OPs on the first page of the forum. Just about every one of them is an attack on Harris or on Biden. And the threads are full of accusations and in-fighting between the two camps.

Why do you think that is? Because they’re seen as the FRONTRUNNERS.

And until a few days ago, Biden bore the brunt of these kinds of negative posts. But since the debate, Harris has now joined him as the target of head on and relentless attacks.

I recommend we scale back some of this in-fighting.

This isn’t a scold - I’ve been doing it, too. But a couple of days being offline gave me a perspective.

We need to chill and not fall right back into the trap being set for us.
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