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Trump going to fire Mueller when Congress leaves for Christmas?

Bill Crystal tweeted:


If this is true, I'm thinking they're planning on firing Mueller when Congress is least able to address it: After they leave for Christmas? As a plus for Trump, his nemesis, McCain, is indisposed right now due to health treatments.

Warning: Once the tax bill is passed, Medicare will be on the chopping block

...Republican leadership is focused on bigger entitlement programs. Thatís because over $1 out of every $3 that the federal government spends goes to either Social Security or Medicare, now adding up to over $1.5 trillion in annual spending. Medicare will likely be the first to face cuts, since it only requires a simple majority in the Senate compared with the 60 votes required for budgetary changes to Social Security.

Having Doug Jones in the Senate SURE helps to protect against them having a majority to cut Medicare. But they can still do it, if all Repubs vote for it. I believe that, after Jones is seated, Repubs will have 51 seats in the Senate, enough to cut Medicare.

We desperately NEED to win seats in the 2018 elections. In the meantime, thank goodness Jones won! Even if only Susan Collins doesn't vote for steep Medicare cuts, they can't do it.

(I can't imagine they'd get the votes to cut Social Security; they'd need 60.)

Oops, I forgot the link. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/will-the-new-tax-plan-mean-the-end-of-social-security-and-medicare-as-we-know-it-2017-12-13

Thanks to the black women who did it in Alabama!

And thanks to all women, who are doing it across the country! (Nothin' against men...but let's give some due where it's due. Black women showed up in droves to vote for Doug Jones in Alabama and made the difference!) And all women showed up in the last elections to help make it a sweep for the Dems!

Moore: We need to meet w/the Sec of State & see what's what. The results...

won't be certified for a while. We still have the military votes coming in.

Just a hint of "what's what"....allegations of fraud?

A question for the men.

Do you have any concerns, given the current climate, that someone from your past may pop up and make allegations of improper behavior by you? A touch, a comment..anything. I was just wondering. But maybe it's mainly focused on men who are famous or work in media or entertainment.

Added: Not necessarily that you DID anything. That someone alleges that you did.

MSNBC'S Stephanie Ruhl: Dems Forcing Out Franken Is Disgusting


MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle on Friday expressed anger about the way Democratic Sen. Al Franken was pressured to resign after seven women accused him of sexual misconduct, calling the lawmaker a "sacrificial lamb."

Ruhle was speaking with New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, who called for Franken's resignation in a column before quickly reversing herself and defending him.

Goldberg told Ruhle and co-host Ali Velshi that there is "clearly a double standard, in that you have Democrats and kind of liberal-leaning institutions cleaning house" but not Republicans. She said that Republican Rep. Trent Franks (Ariz.), who announced he will resign after House officials learned that he had discussed surrogacy with two female staffers, does not exactly count, because it is such a "strange example."

Ruhle went on to approvingly say that the Daily Beast argued that, by forcing out Franken, Democrats fell into a "Roger Stone trap."

"Roger Stone gave a heads up on Twitter about Al Franken's accuser 12 hours before it happened. The Ethics Committee never got to do their job," Ruhle said.

Darn it. Had to flip channel from Meet the Press.

I'm no longer going to watch any of those who jumped on the fire Franken bandwagon. So I'm watching Meet the Press, one of my favorite political programs, when up pops Bernie Sanders. Darn. I don't care what he has to say. Flip channel and try to time it to return to the show...5 minutes maybe?

Pelosi said to table the measure to impeach Trump

A couple of days, a small group of Dems in the House put up a bill to impeach Trump. Pelosi voted to table it, saying, "Now is not the time" to consider impeachment. She had also previously called Tom Steyer's impeachment ads "premature."

I sort of can buy into the "too soon" argument, since Mueller isn't through and is making headway. OTOH, if we have a President with a mental issue, and Congress isn't doing anything to protect the country and the world from it, shouldn't we do something? Plus, I suspect that it will never be a good time, in Pelosi and Schumer's opinion.

It's wrong to railroad a person. Any person. It must be said and repeated.

When you see a wrong, it's important to call it out and keep calling it out. It doesn't matter that the people doing the railroading are nice, or have done good things in the past, or that you like them. That makes it all the more shocking.

It is wrong to railroad a person.

Some say Franken fell on his sword for the party, so they would have the honor of being the honorable party next year. Franken did not "resign," as such. He was fired by his colleagues. His colleagues took away the person that MN voted for, to be replaced by a female...better for next year's mid-terms. Fired based on specious, mostly anonymous allegations, ALL of which he denied or recalled differently. So that they'd have a leg up in the mid-terms, so they could say "See? We're the more honorable party." As if anyone is going to care about that. That would make more sense if these people were calling for Trump to resign, but they're not.

How can you be the honorable party, when you haven't called for Trump to resign? Yet you forced an innocent (for all we know) person to give up his political career?

This was wrong. It must be called out.

Is it legal for Trump to have his own private mercenary army or spy agency?

That just CAN'T be legal, can it?

That sounds like something Bannon thought up.
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