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THREAD: "I generally abstain posting about my own personal experiences or those of my family, but.."


THREAD: I generally abstain posting about my own personal experiences or those of my family, but what my parents are seeing and experiencing in SW Florida with the vaccine rollout is a disgrace.

In Lee County Florida, where vaccines started as first come/first served for seniors Monday, hundreds of people in 70s & 80s slept in lawn chairs, lined up outside vaccine sites.

One family friend, in her 80s went to a Lee County site at 4:30am, and spent hours waiting for a vaccine, many there were not wearing masks, she says, and had been waiting overnight. She called it a “superspreader” event with so many crammed together.

After hours of waiting, she left because she felt her risk of getting COVID there was higher than yet chances of getting vaccinated.

Seniors are being told to show up at Lee County vaccination sites with warm clothes, blankets, water and their medications given how long the wait times will be.

Locals searching for reliable vaccine rollout info online, thru trusted sources like local health department sites, are struggling to find anything.
Here are screenshots for Lee/Collier County.
Here are links:

You’d think for an event that’s been in the works for months, every local health department would have a giant, clearly labeled, front page message on their website telling people who’s eligible, where to go, and when. Especially when first recipients are in 70s & 80s. #vaccine

Meanwhile no icu space in Southern California (anti-masker stampede):


Boston Dynamics has released yet another video of its robots dancing that is equal parts...


McConnell is going to link the $2000 checks with election fraud and 230. Surprised?


Are the Trumps shooting fake tv shows from their basement now??

Dr.? Where you at, Tucker?

She has asserted that scientific evidence shows President Trump to be "the most sound-minded person to ever occupy the White House."[5][6][1] In 2018, The Daily Beast reported that Loudon's book falsely described her as having a PhD in psychology; she has a PhD in human and organization systems from Fielding Graduate University, an online school.[1] On October 8, Loudon filed a libel suit against The Daily Beast in New York County Supreme Court.[3] The suit was dropped on April 8, 2020.[7]


Loudon and her husband, former Missouri state senator John William Loudon, appeared on the show Wife Swap when they swapped with a polyamorous and bisexual family. Loudon was the first wife to ever walk off of the set.[10][11]


In her 2018 book Mad Politics: Keeping Your Sanity in a World Gone Crazy, Loudon asserted that she has a scientific evidence showing Trump to be "the most sound-minded person to ever occupy the White House."[5][1][12] Loudon has neither a psychology degree nor a license to practice clinical psychology.[1][6] Trump endorsed her book in September 2018, tweeting "Gina is Great!" At the time, the book was ranked No. 436,949 in Amazon’s bestsellers rank.[6] Shortly afterwards, the book ranking jumped to 2,590.[13]


Kamala Harris received Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine shot: "That was easy!"

She has such an effervescent personality.

Record shows US sold ambassador's home in Isreal for $67M (to Sheldon Adelson)

JERUSALEM -- The United States sold the ambassador’s residence in Israel for more than $67 million in July, according to an official Israeli record of the sale that shines new light on a transaction that has been shrouded in secrecy.

The State Department confirmed the sale in September but refused to identify the buyer or disclose the sale price of the sprawling beachfront compound in the upscale Tel Aviv suburb of Herzliya. On Tuesday, it said the sale had been “open and transparent.”

The Israeli business newspaper Globes has identified the buyer as the U.S. casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a strong supporter of both President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A representative of Adelson said the billionaire had no comment.

At more than $67 million, it appears to be the most expensive single residence ever sold in Israel. Congressional aides told The Associated Press in September that lawmakers in the House and Senate were looking into whether the sale of the residence complied with regulations.

The sale helped to cement Trump's controversial decision to relocate the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to contested Jerusalem in 2018 and to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. By selling the residence, it would make it harder for future presidents to reverse the decision to move the embassy. President-elect Joe Biden has criticized the decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem but says he will not reverse it.


"Nothing Else Matters" - Oona BROWN & Gage BROWN skate to Metallica & Marlisa

Spectacular (and that camera work... )!

"What are we supposed to protect you from? A wrong cheeseburger?"


Princess Ivanka encouraging people to go to the polls:

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