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Gender: Male
Member since: Fri Jul 4, 2008, 01:39 PM
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I've moved Jackpine Radicals.

Journal Archives

Wish there were more like him.

New NYPD Recruitment Ad

Would you like to be able to do anything, and never be held to account?

Can you take any situation and make it about you?

Are you willing to protest at a funeral and yet take other citizens right to protest, with no sense of irony?

Does any legitimate criticism send you into a pouting fit?

Do you believe respect and submission mean the same thing?

Then you have what it takes to become one of the NYPD!


David Duke, Jason Richwine Introduce Spelling Bee to Burnish Klan’s Image.

Today on Klan Radio, David Duke interviewed his longtime friend and ideological mate, Jason Richwine. During the interview, both agreed to have a show of intellectual strength by combining their talents and their brainpower - all to help the much maligned and subjugated white race. After much back and forth and few panned ideas, they decided on a spelling bee; with a grand prize of one eight foot 4 x 4 piece of pine, one five foot 4 x 4 piece of pine, a box of nails, rags and a gallon of gasoline.

“Well old friend,” Duke used as his opening question, “what have you been doing since you left the Heritage Foundation?”

“Glad you brought that up, David,” Richwine said. “You know, those guys are just like all the rest. Never give a white man a break. I think they’re jealous of my superior intellect…’cause I’m white…I’m still white.”

“People like them don’t realize what an accomplishment that is. My friends and I have made our careers on being white. All of us…”

“Well, I for one tip my hat to you,” Richwine interrupted. “That’s why I’ve been working on a new study that proves one’s brains are located in one’s melanin. It will be used forever as proof positive of our racial superiority. Conclusive proof!”

“But…wouldn’t that mean black people have MORE brains?”


“If brains are located in the melanin, and blacks and darker people have more melanin…”

“Oh Damnit! Now I have to start over…Crap!”

“You’ll still be able to use my study to prove we’re superior, though,” he continued. “But let’s change the subject. You’ve been in the news lately and I was thinking, maybe we should do something that shows how smart and scholarly we are. You know, the Klan and Klan sympathizers like me are always looked down upon for being white. Maybe we could have a contest or something.”

“Most teeth?” Duke suggested.

“That’s good,” said Richwine. “But that gives the younger contestants an unfair advantage.”

“True, true,” said Duke. “How about an essay contest about World War II? We could give points to those who can prove Hitler wasn’t the aggressor!”

“Now you’re talking!”

Then in unison, they both said, “A spelling bee!”

"That's perfect!" Richwine exclaimed.

“Our days of being the downtrodden will soon be over!” Duke said

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