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20score's Journal
20score's Journal
April 11, 2016

Simplified version of this Week’s False Outrage

Her: Hey, fuck you, you douche!

Him: Fuck you back! And here are some facts!

Cacophony from outraged media: Whoa! Whoa! What the hell is wrong with him? Completely uncalled for and ridiculous! Why did he have to sink so low?

Him: This was a response to something that couldn’t be allowed to stand unchallenged.

Outraged media: You fucking child! You’re bringing in the, she started it defense? Just proves that we are supporting the right person! See how above the fray she is? How classy? Again, what is wrong with you?

October 29, 2015

"How Can I Be Sure Everyone Knows I’m An Asshole?" Asks the worst people in the nation.

Assholes across the country are afraid people will mistake them for someone of normal intelligence or someone who has the capacity for empathy.

“Is my confederate flag and Trump 2016 bumper sticker enough?” They say.

“It’s been a long time since I defended George Zimmerman. If I defend a cop who beat up a school girl, will that be enough? I mean, he didn’t kill her.”

Ah yes. Any one of those things, in and of itself is enough to prove the absence of intelligence or empathy. So, sleep well, oh morons, bigots and asswipes. You're covered.

June 1, 2015

Michael Wendling: St Clair County Prosecutor, mugger of the ill and the helpless.

For those unfamiliar with Michael Wendling, think of a young Dick Cheney who hasn’t yet graduated to destroying countries, stealing billions and torturing all he surveys. But they both had to start somewhere. Tripping the blind as they walk down the street, kicking puppies, humiliating anyone who couldn’t fight back – you know the type. Greedy, power-hungry, hypocritical and sadistic.

For ten months an innocent woman with multiple sclerosis, named Ginnifer Hency has been fighting the local police – depraved prosecutors always need the help of ruthless cops to help them with the dirty work – to get back what they stole from her in an illegal raid. A judge rightly threw out the case, but Wendling’s office decided, “Hey, we already stole her shit, (including television sets, some of her children’s possessions, her vibrator, a ladder and other possessions) let’s keep her stuff and kick her a few more times while she’s down. Now that’s what I call fun!” They may like to watch their snuff films on a ladder while passing the vibrator around like a joint. That’s just a guess of course, I really don’t know what sadistic thieves do to get their jollies. Besides stealing and screwing with people’s lives, of course.

Ms. Hency is ill and has every right to possess medical marijuana under Michigan law. Her home was raided nonetheless and many of her belongings were stolen under the Forfeiture Laws, better described as, “Go ahead and steal their shit if they can’t fight back laws – oh yeah, and fuck you Bill of Rights, too!”

As an aside, Michael Wendling is also fighting to keep people who were convicted while juveniles and sentenced to life without parole, from being retried and possibly getting a lighter sentence.

Michael Wendling is hardly the only prosecutor doing malicious things with the power entrusted to him, and the country is chocked full bad cops ready to steal under the guise of fighting drugs. But any objective observer would call it what it is – fascism and robbery. Let’s hope the people of St. Clair kick this guy out of office.

Link to the story:


Michael Wendling’s office:


May 12, 2015

There would be at least two, if not three more zeroes added to the penalty if I'm on that jury.

I've been warning people for three decades that this kind of shit would happen once the country changed its views on worker's rights. It started with piss tests and moved onto a mindset where employers have every right to know who they were hiring. And that meant knowing how they behave outside of work.

No they fucking don't. One does a job and gets paid for a job well done. That's the beginning, middle and end of the deal. Fuck all the fascists who think otherwise.

April 3, 2015

Cotton, Bolton, Fox News, 47 Senators: Can we bomb Oman, then?

In a departure from their modus operandi, of advising our perceived enemies and stating our laws incorrectly, Tom Cotton, John Bolton, 47 Republican senators and the entire staff at Fox News have decided to address President Obama in an open letter.

Let’s Bomb Oman, or Anyone Else…We’re Open to Suggestions.

Dear Mr. Obama,

As you are well aware, we really wanted a war with Iran; but the nuclear deal you have negotiated has hampered our desires and forced us to expand our horizons. We will of course continue to sabotage this deal in any way possible until June, short of ordering the strikes against Iran ourselves – we believe strongly that you would lose respect for us, if we didn’t – but we fancy ourselves as pragmatists and have looked at a map and decided we would be almost as happy to have a war with Oman, or Turkmenistan, or even Algeria; we are not unreasonable people. To prove it, we will seriously consider a war with a country of your choosing.

The reasons for war are of course numerous, varied and vital to our national security. Instead of listing them all, we will just name the most important. Money and fun. Who doesn’t like those two things? But like Sisyphus rolling his boulder, we thought concentrating solely on Iran would be futile and we would lose sight of the larger picture. War, itself.

In case you were worried that the public may not want a war with an arbitrary enemy, we have the guarantee of one of the undersigned, Roger Ailes, that about forty percent of the country could be whipped into a war-frenzy in less than a month. With anyone, even New Zealand or Canada.

So the ball is in your court, Mr. President. Please give us a war; the clock is ticking.


Tom Cotton and the Republican Senate

John Bolton

The staff at Fox News

March 14, 2015

Dear World: We’re Sorry…Again (47 Senators)

Some of you out there in the wider world may be getting sick of our apologies; and that is completely understandable. In 2001 we released one of history’s greatest morons upon you, after slightly less than half of us voted for him (well, half the engaged voters, anyway) one not satisfied with finger-painting or collecting odd shaped potatoes, no, his hobbies included stealing from the national treasury and giving it to our richest; ripping up treaties…oh, and starting wars. So, the sane and decent half of our country apologized to you. And we meant it. But in the years after the 9-11 terrorist attacks, a good portion of our country started a long (and still ongoing) process of losing their fucking minds. A never-ending process of continually becoming dumber and meaner. It’s like they sniff glue for breakfast and have meth for lunch. And those people unleashed Bush on the world a second time. And a second time, we apologized.

We were done with you? No! These glue sniffing methheads, who now proudly call themselves teabaggers, have become more populous and powerful in our congress. These whiny, reality denying, sadistic embarrassments to the human race – and let’s face it, there are others like them throughout the planet – have tried to scuttle an agreement between our country and Iran. In the process of their temper tantrum, they made the world more dangerous by messing with international nuclear agreements, of which they have zero understanding… scratch that…they would have a better track record if they guessed at what positions they should take in important matters – they seem to actively seek out the most moronic, most destructive outcome, and then push that idea. Plus, they have implied thousands of our agreements, both past and future are meaningless and subject to cancellation arbitrarily.

So, you people out there must be sick of hearing us apologize for our greedy, war mongers and torturers, our morons who believe Jesus runs the Republican Party, who think science is malleable and depends on monetary outcomes, who hate the poor, etc. Well, we’re sick of apologizing for them, too. But, we owe you this one.

Sorry for our dipshits – again. We will honor our agreements, both past and future. And we’ll try hard to stop any wars they are dreaming about. Thanks for your consideration.


Sane America

February 13, 2015

I like and usually agree with Pap and Seder; but on this subject they got it so goddamn wrong.

Every person on the planet that can speak, lies on a daily basis. This was just an exaggeration. A bad one, and he should be called out, but it should be a day long story - that's it. But because it's simple, people can grab onto it, understand it, and feel superior. No one got hurt and he actually was fired upon. Twelve or thirteen years later he embellished. Big fucking deal.

I don't watch network news, and haven't for decades. So I barely know who he is. I read the news, listen to NPR, Democracy Now; or, now that it's on, watch Al Jazerra. Network News, sucks. At best. Every hour of every day, there are lies told on all the networks, (especially Fox) that get people killed, destroy lives, start wars, scapegoat the innocent while protecting economy destroying thieves...and this the bullshit people care about? Embarrassing.

February 9, 2015

Senator Tom Cotton, Logic Slayer (R- AR) is a Godsend!

Video, Tom Cotton:

I few days ago Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas questioned Brian Mckeon, Deputy Under Secretary for Defense. The importance was lost on most people, even Tom Cotton himself, who said, “I just wanted to let people know I was a dick to be reckoned with. Not a goofy dick like Louie Gohmert, but someone who can sound smart while saying stupid things…I believe I made some headway.”

But it wasn’t until Frank Luntz put out a memo, “Causation is longer a consideration, for anything,” that got people talking.

The conversation that killed critical thinking:

SEN.TOM COTTON (R-ARKANSAS): OK, now I want to explore the so-called risk balance between recidivism of released terrorists and the propaganda value that terrorists get from Guantanamo Bay. How many recidivists are there at Guantanamo Bay right now?
BRIAN MCKEON, DEPUTY UNDERSECRETARY FOR DEFENSE POLICY: I'm not sure I follow the question, there are --
TOM COTTON: How many inmates at Guantanamo Bay are engaged in terrorism or anti-American incitement?
BRIAN MCKEON: There are none--
TOM COTTON: Because they are detained. They can only engage in that kind of recidivism overseas.
Now let's look at the propaganda value: How many detainees were at Guantanamo Bay on September 11, 2001?
TOM COTTON: How many were therein October 2000, when al-Qaeda bombed the U.S.S. Cole?
TOM COTTON: What about in 1998 when they bombed the embassies [in Kenya and Tanzania]?
BRIAN MCKEON: The facility was not open before 2002, Senator.
TOM COTTON: What about 1993 and the first World Trade Center bombing?
BRIAN MCKEON: Same answer.
TOM COTTON: And 1979 when Iran took over our embassy? Or 1983 when Hezbollah bombed our Marine Baracks in Lebanon? The answer is zero.
TOM COTTON: Islamic terrorists do not need an excuse to attack the United States, to attack us is what they do, they attack us for what we are.
It is not your decision. It is a political promise the president made on his campaign. To say [closing the base] is a security decision based propaganda value that our enemies get from it is a pretext to justify a political decision.
In my opinion the only problem with Guantanamo Bay is there are too many empty beds and cells there right now. We should be sending more terrorists there for further interrogation to keep this country safe. As far as I'm concerned every last one of them can rot in Hell, but as long as they don't do that they can rot in Guantanamo Bay.

And good riddance. “We’ve been trying to get rid of logic and critical thinking for years, but they keep raising their ugly heads. ‘There’s no global warming, it’s cold outside.’ And what do you think Trickledown Economics is? That’s right, one big giant ‘fuck you’ to logic. But Tom…my hat’s off to him, you know? He finally poisoned that bitch and buried her. Logic and critical thinking are done!”

Frank Luntz’s memo describes how every terrorist attack before 2002 can be linked to the lack of a Guantanamo Bay prison. And why stop at the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979? Says Luntz, “Hell, Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. No Guantanamo.” But the real beauty is in extrapolating from this conversation. “Everything is up for grabs,” says Luntz. “Don’t like regulations on derivatives? Well, connect it with something you do like. John Wayne Westerns. See? It doesn’t matter how tentative, or even non-existent the connection. As long as there is something you like, and something else you don’t like, just pretend they’re connected and your point is proven. This guy just made my job so much easier!”
February 8, 2015

Want a better country? Expand your community.

In these days of constant misinformation, scapegoating and mean-spirited politics from Fox and right-wing radio; plus infotainment and corporatism from most other media, it’s hard to make improvements to our culture. And we have been on an ever increasingly downward trajectory since the terror attacks of 2001. (Arguably for a generation before that, but at nowhere near this level of decline.)

More open and hostile racism, politicians brought into the same, ‘Free Market’ as our toys and clothes; Total Information Awareness, where everything one does, says, writes, buys, and all contacts are examined and everywhere one goes is tracked and stored; whistle-blowers are prosecuted at a never before seen rate; militarized and abusive police are the norm; theft of billions by a handful of people goes unpunished while debtor-prisons (at least people are being put in prison for debts) are making a comeback; the social safety net has more wholes poked in it every month; these things are just a small sample our pathological decline. But within the old rhetoric describing who we believe ourselves to be, is an answer to some of the problems we face.

Treason is looked upon as the worst of crimes for a reason. People are willing to spend almost anything on defense; and in the case of an actual threat to the nation, like World War II, we will pull together and sacrifice for the common good. Why? Because in situations like WWII, we all rise and fall together as a community. For many, that feeling of community only applies to war and national security.

The right likes to live partially in the past, in a world that never really existed. At least in a world where the sins of the past are white-washed or ignored. Where every town is a little like Mayberry and we all help each other in times of need. That past was never a reality throughout the entire country, but in pockets people did do the right thing by each other (and still do in Amish Country), because they felt they were in this together.

If we can take that feeling of camaraderie and expand it through ever increasingly large circles, we will have a better country for all. When we view through a patriotic lens the problems people face in poor areas, in a drug war that does little but destroy lives, homelessness, mental illness, discrimination, etc., we will all be the better for it.

If people start to expand their circle of empathy beyond their area, race, sexual orientation, religion and political affiliation, and apply the standards of country outside of war, we will come much closer to our promise and reverse an almost generation of decline.

February 1, 2015

Koch Brothers Ask for Discount When Buying Politicians in Bulk

At a very rare and brief press conference in Manhattan, Charles and David Koch laid out few demands before they spend their money buying politicians in the 2016 election.

“It’s only fair,” said David Koch. “People think, ‘Well, they’re spending a billion dollars to buy a president, a few senators and representatives – they should be happy with what they’ve got!’ But they don’t look at it from our point of view. Yes, we do make a lot of money off of our investments…but look at how much time and money we put into running the country! Sometimes there are individual bills that need to be written. That costs money. And do you think politicians at the state level buy themselves? Hell no, that costs money! And what about judges?”

“Exactly!” said David’s brother, Charles. “One judge may be cheap, by him or herself. But multiply that by a few hundred and now you’re talking real money…at least for some. Add into that some think tanks, a few scientists…plus all the politicians David mentioned and you begin to understand why we think a few politicians should be thrown in, gratis. I'm sure I speak for others in our class, also. We all feel a bit slighted.”

“And maybe a few bills that we had people write, too” David interjected. “And the truth is, to make up for all the negative press we’ve been getting, and all the money we’ve been spending, a couple of national parks thrown in wouldn’t hurt either.”

“We have to be going now, thank you for your time,” David said.

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