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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
Number of posts: 3,121

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McDonald’s “New Policy” Bans Customers From Buying Food For Homeless


A number of stories have recently come to light, showing that McDonalds allegedly has a new policy which is preventing customers from buying food for homeless people. In the UK this month alone there have been two separate incidents to make international headlines, where homeless people were denied service at McDonalds.

The first case involved a 27-year-old landscaper named Daniel Jackson who was almost denied service at a McDonalds on Oxford Road in Manchester because he was wearing dirty clothes and according to the staff he “looked homeless.” Jackson had to explain to the staff that he was actually just coming from a hard day’s work and was not homeless.

“I’d just clocked off work and I was absolutely ravenous. I’d not eaten since breakfast so I thought I’d go to McDonald’s for a quick meal. But when I got to the till the cashier went to get the manager from the back. He then said he wasn’t going to serve me because I looked homeless. I explained to him I had been at work all day but he said they had a zero tolerance policy on serving homeless people,”

Granted this is in England now. But how soon before this policy comes to the U.S. after all McDonald's had no problem telling their employees to return Christmas gifts they received for money.

I have a serious question--Is TLC ran by or controled by fundies or nuts?

You have Pololiamy being shown as smoothing great; my 6 wives and sister wives.

You have fundie families like the Duggars having shows The latest:

Honestly I Never watch the channel. My wife will watch Who Do You Think You Are? She will watch the little couple once in a while but if it wasn't for Who Do You Think You Are? She would not turn that channel on.

Candle thread of support for the Duggar Victims.

I was posting a response to this thread:


I just thought even though we are "Evil, Free-thinking, God-Hating, liberals/democrats" I would like to show true compassion.

A candle for each girl

Anyone know what Faux News is saying about the Duggars?

With all the drama about the Duggars I lost Track--What is the latest on Fast Track/TPP?

The State Trooper Jim Bob took Josh to for the "Stern Talking" is serving 56 years for Child Porn


Police in Arkansas, where the family lives, said Duggar had fondled the breasts and vaginas of multiple young girls, sometimes as they slept, around 2002.

His father, a former Republican state lawmaker and failed U.S. Senate candidate, posted on Facebook this week, after the claims surfaced, that his son had “made some very bad mistakes” – but the experience had drawn the family “closer to God.”

Jim Bob Duggar said he disciplined his son and took him a year later with church elders to meet with a state trooper and family friend, Jim Hutchens, who gave the teen a “very stern talk” but did not take any official action.

Hutchens is currently serving a 56-year sentence for child pornography.

off the topic a little: Ever see the way Michelle Duggar looks at Jim Bob?

That is scary in of itself. I remember being forced to watch this woman talk about how a wife --When he is speaking should look at him as if he is the only important person in the world. That he is God's representative in the family and his words and Ideals are the most important thing to a wife.

I heard that years ago and it made me wonder if she is right in the head or brainwashed.

I must apologize to DUers about the Josh Duggar thing.

When I heard about it yesterday I heard he was a minor and the girls were around his age. I never heard about the 4 year old until today or that fact that it was a repeat offense when he was 18.

So I am sorry I asked an uneducated question.

The sad part is that I believe people have figured out the sister in question. My wife got an e-mail from her friend saying she figured out who it was. Showed my wife how she did it.

My wife didn't believe her friend. her friend is into all that TMZ stuff but my wife did a 2 minute search and she thinks she knows.

My wife's friend also mentioned in the e-mail ( this friend loved watching the Duggars) she realized after doing the search this girl doesn't get all that screen time.

Again I am sorry for my stupid question earlier about records being sealed.

Can I just say without being called a troll or people saying I'm coming to Duggar's defense...

Aren't Juvenile records suppose to be sealed?

I mean if it wasn't the fact he went after his sister --incest---my brother and his girlfriend fondled one another at that age.

One also has to wondered who abused him...Generally isn't this learned behavior?

I am sorry I didn't have all the information. My knowledge was what I heard/read yesterday. he was 14 and the girls around his age. I had no clue of the 4/5 year old victim OR the repeat abuse of that victim. I admit I am dumb.

Trekkies/Trekkers point your eyes here.


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