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Member since: Sun Feb 6, 2011, 08:14 AM
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Please explain this to me about Paris.

On Nov 12 a double suicide bomb in Beirut killed at least 43 and wounded more than 200 in the worst attack to strike the city in years.

There was no "We stand with Lebanon". No "We love you Beirut". No 24 hour CNN coverage. No extensive NYTimes coverage.

Is it only European lives that matter? Do Arab lives matter? Do Muslim lives matter?

Reports - unconfirmed - on social media that the refugee camp at Calais set afire

in retaliation.

I am hearing it on BBC,
and reading it on Twitter-

#France: The 'jungle' refugee camp in Calais has been set on fire in possible retaliation from Paris terror attacks.
RT (@RT_com)
9 mins ago
Media posted by RT
URGENT: Multiple reports say 'Jungle' refugee camp in #Calais set on fire on.rt.com/6wd7 (Pic @MartaClinco)
Images for jungle calais fire

Silent thread for the 20 innocents killed in Iraq today. thank you. nt

Students for Justice in Palestine Midwest chapters stand in solidarity with Mizzou

The following statement was written by the SJP Midwest Network:

Following the latest manifestation of anti-Black sentiment, and in response to the oppression of and threats against Black students on the University of Missouri campus and in the community, the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Midwest Network stands in solidarity with the #ConcernedStudent1950 activists and the threatened students of color on campus.


Activists protest National Museum of Mexican Art’s complicity with Israel

"The event showed how much Latinos and Palestinians have in common, many of the speakers connected the occupation of Palestine with U.S. imperialism in Latin America pointing out how U.S. aid to Israel closely resembles the way that U.S. aid is being sent to corrupt and violent governments in Latin America like the Mexican and Honduran governments, both of which have histories of human rights violations."


Why Mizzou football players could be a game changer for student activism

Student activists around the country should try to connect with so-called "student-athletes".

These athletes are a sleeping giant. At a school like Mizzou, where just 7 percent of the students are black but a whopping 69 percent of the football players are, one can see how their entry in the struggle had a ripple effect that tore through Columbia and into the college football–crazed national consciousness.

The multibillion-dollar college football playoff contracts, the multimillion-dollar coaching salaries, and the small fortunes that pour into small towns on game day don’t happen without a group of young men willing to take the field. The system is entirely based on their acceptance of their own powerlessness as the gears of this machine. If they choose to exercise their power, the machine not only stops moving: It becomes dramatically reshaped.

It is also difficult to imagine the football players acting at all without the broader struggle on campus. The protests of students and faculty members whose names the public does not know is what laid the groundwork for the players to showcase their courage.


One dead, two wounded in Midtown NYC shooting

Source: USA Today

One man was killed and two people were wounded in a shooting rampage near New York's Penn Station just as Monday's morning rush was getting underway, police said..

The wounded were rushed to Bellevue Hospital and a manhunt was underway for the gunman or gunmen, police said.

Several streets were closed and some bus lines rerouted while police investigated at the scene, "Street closures in the area of 35 St. & 8th Ave in Manhattan due to police investigation. Use alternate routes," police warned commuters in tweet.

Read more: www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/11/09/one-dead-two-wounded-nyc-shooting/75442872/

Minnesota Woman Smashes Muslim in Face With Beer Mug for Speaking Swahili at Applebee’s

This woman should serve time, but also so should the politicians who have made haters feel the freedom to act out their pathetic squalls, and so should media who give haters the airwaves, so they infect people.

The 43-year-old Burchard-Risch yelled at the woman and threw a drink at her, and she brushed off managers’ attempts to calm her down.

“I was sitting turned around like this and all of a sudden I feel something thrown on my face — boom,” said the victim, Asma Jama. “My cousin started screaming and everyone wanted to run away.”

Jama told her assailant that she had a free speech right to converse with her family in Swahili.

Then Burchard-Risch “smashed” her beer mug across the woman’s face in a “roundhouse punch” motion before running away, police said.


Where does Bernie Sanders stand on Palestine?

He has brought economic issues to the forefront by using income and wealth equality, a higher minimum wage, universal healthcare, and free college paid by Wall Street, which has allowed him to gain millions of supporters.

However, his stance on Palestine – or rather Israel – is at odds with those beliefs. In an interview with Vox, Sanders was asked if he was a Zionist, and although he attempted to indirectly respond, his answer was clear:

“A Zionist? What does that mean? Want to define what the word is? Do I think Israel has the right to exist, yeah, I do. Do I believe that the United States should be playing an even-handed role in terms of its dealings with the Palestinian community in Israel? Absolutely I do.”

Sanders can at times be critical of Israel and its actions, but he does so while advancing the rhetoric that the two sides are equal; equal in fault and must equally compromise to reach a solution, according to FeelTheBern.org. Yet he won’t listen to those who tell him otherwise, as one incident at a town hall in Vermont proved, where he told a woman to “shut up.”

Besides his rhetoric, Sanders’ actions typically align with Israel. Last July, he supported Israel’s attack on Gaza and allowed a resolution in full agreement with Israel’s actions to pass in the Senate with unanimous consent. He may have called Israel’s actions during that summer an overreaction, but generally excused and supported them.


Indigenous coalition aims to influence COP21

In a lead-up to the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) to be held in Paris-Le Bourget from November 30 through December 11, the Committee in Solidarity With the Indigenous People of the Americas (CSIA) organized a solidarity day, “Native People, Defenders of Mother Earth, the Environment and the Climate,” in Paris on October 10.

Tom Goldtooth:
Our goal was to network with representatives of the French coalition and Cop 21, to strengthen our indigenous program in Paris.
We have established good connections, with opportunities to schedule indigenous projects during the Climate Forum. There is a long history in Paris related to the struggle of Native Americans.

We are coming back in November to participate in the Indigenous Caucus of the United Nations Bourget meeting, and in December, to the Global Alliance discussion on the rights of nature.

Our goal is to create a space within the French Cop activities for Indians to advocate, talk about the reality of climate change, and discuss solutions. Leaders need to reevaluate the sacredness of Mother Earth, Father Sky. The modern world is removed from nature. And without that relationship to natural laws, whatever they decide is a danger.

The industrialized society, addicted to energy, is consuming too much, treating Mother Earth as an entity without a soul: It is a systems issue, one of them being capitalism. We are pushing for a new economy, respectful of the living cycles of Mother Earth, as we want people to get a better understanding of her spirit.

So we will address this question, on the side of the official negotiations: What is your relation to the sacredness of Mother Earth? It is fundamental to understand the pollution of nature by industrialization and unlimited growth.

Without this ethical framework it is difficult to solve the climate crisis; Mother Earth cannot sustain capitalism. It is taking too much from the land, with greenhouse gases, bioaccumulation. What happens when the water dries out? Corporations are already buying sources of water! The solution is a life in balance with nature.

Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2015/11/05/false-solutions-wont-save-mother-earth-tom-goldtooth-cop21-162333
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