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I really do loathe Moaning Ho, but I just about SHIT all over myself when

I saw how those 2 Republican ass lickers eviscerated Pussy Grabber. I am still in shock and am LOVING it.


ON EDIT-- I updated link.

CLEARLY the American public is idiotic.

So, how FUCKING STUPID are the mainstream media? They sure PUSHED the "pivot" bullshit, and we were even treated to "Donald Trump became the President of the United States tonight!"

What the FUCK is wrong with these people? The MEDIA has been abused and shut out of meetings. Seriously. . . What the FUCK is wrong with all of them?????????

THIS is what the PUBLIC thought. . . . "FEW SAW TRUMPíS ADDRESS TO CONGRESS AS A ĎPIVOTí - HuffPollster: ďAmericans who tuned into Donald Trumpís speech to Congress last Tuesday mostly didnít see it as a departure from his past rhetoric or actions, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds, with even fewer expecting it to lead to the Ďpivotí periodically promised by pundits since he first clinched the Republican nomination. A 52 percent majority of Americans who watched Trumpís address, or who followed the subsequent news coverage, say that the tone and content of the speech were similar to most of what heís said and done since becoming president, with just 33 percent saying the speechís tone and content differed from his previous actions."

While the Pussy Grabber in Chief "pivoted" and " became presidential"

word came out that Attorney General, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, LIED through his pig lips to the Senate.

So. . . Beware. . . . When Pussy Grabber pivots, he's out to grab more pussies. . . .

A "pivot" for Pussy Grabber???????????????

WTF????? Did I just get my brain smashed in with a hammer? I was just channel surfing, and THAT is EXACTLY a question I just heard a dumb fucker pose.

Seriously? Seriously? Is THAT all it takes for them to forget what this mother fucking pussy grabbing lunatic is like? He gives some shit can speech and says a few words & the widow waves and sheds a tear, and suddenly. . . PUSSY GRABBER IS REHABILITATED! Its a miracle!

Van Jones is a goddamned, fucking IDIOT.

FUCK HIM!!! Goddamn. How fucking STUPID do people have to fucking be?

HOW, just, HOW stupid? How fucking stupid?? How could ANYBODY believe that a WORD that comes out of Pussy Grabber's greasy, fetid, pie hole could be ANYTHING but a goddamned con job?

And not even a good con job. A syrupy feel-good, bullshit sentiment he read off a teleprompter and everybody just coos that he didn't shit his pants.


I fucking HATE that goddamned Tweety Bird.

He was moaning as he talked about Pussy Grabber and he climaxed as he began to talk about Pussy Grabber's "strong appeal" to voters.

What a fucking waste of space.
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