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Gender: Male
Current location: New Orleans
Member since: Wed Jul 20, 2011, 09:14 AM
Number of posts: 10,175

About Me

Well lets see, stuff about me... Veteran, Navy Admiral's Staff 2nd Fleet. I practice Kendo as my primary martial art. I am also a ranking Iaidoist (Japanese Sword). Working on a Master's in International Forensics' Accounting. Filmmaker, originally commercials, now working on my first feature comedy film, should be released Summer or Fall of 2016.

Journal Archives

Rachel Maddow Exposes the Secretive Right-Wing Republican Cult "The Family" HRC attended

Prayer meetings.

Hillary Clinton participated in their weekly women's prayer and bible reading group. Men and women are segregated. Women interns serve as cooks and maids. Men interns do yard work.

All members are sworn to secrecy about their affiliation.

Sharlet's book, 'The Family' was published in 2009 but I only caught up with it last year and I was horrified. Particularly with their worst of the worst mass murderers as organizational models to emulate… Mao, Hitler, and Stalin, and their currying favor with modern mass murdering and oppressive despots.

What they seek is access to power and affirm the powerful that their power is biblically justified.

When George Bush rejected "The Fellowship" brand of Christianity, Doug Coe, the head of The Fellowship, called up Bill Clinton to complain. And Bill assured Coe that George would 'get it'… i.e. that George would ultimately understand.


From HRC's own Book:
Hillary's Prayer: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics

Director Michael Bay Drops Acid and Directs 1st Rand Paul ad.


Maybe snorted several lines of crack too.

Ps. Just kidding about Michael Bay Directing this. It was someone Channeling Michael Bay.

A DUer's Indie Movie Update. Product Placement Part II

Well things continue to progress.

As we are a Sci fI indie movie comedy. I was shocked by the response from companies.

We now have:

Arm & Hammer
Abita Beer

Very grateful to the companies for being so supportive.

and several other companies that we are waiting on a response from too.

Also working out details with my lawyer/partner to contribute a percentage of our profits to the homeless.

We are still doing script reads and set building.

Guy Who Died Playing ‘League Of Legends’ In Internet Café Really Starting To Ruin Game For Others

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA—Admitting he was having difficulty concentrating on destroying his enemy’s nexus as he sat inside PC Zone internet café Monday, League Of Legends: Dominion player JuHo Lee complained that the guy who died at the adjacent computer station was really starting to ruin the game for him. “I knew this was going to happen when he started losing consciousness and slumped forward on his keyboard, and I probably should’ve gone for help at that point, but I was just about to level up—now I have to sit next to this dead guy all night while I try to take all five capture points,” Lee said as he scooted his chair away from the lifeless gamer, who he estimated had died about three or four hours earlier from deep vein thrombosis during a multiday gaming session. “Someone should at least drape a cloth over him. I can’t be looking back and forth between my screen and a dead body while I’m trying to obtain a Storm Shield relic.” Lee added that if no one removed the man by sunrise, he would take it upon himself to pause a minute and drag the body into the hallway.


Man Going To Trust Society’s Determination That He Deserves His Privilege

IRVINE, CA—Assuming that the many benefits he enjoys every day would not have been granted to him if he weren’t fully entitled to them, local man Brandon Naylor told reporters Wednesday he is willing to accept society’s determination that he deserves his privilege.

“If our culture has decided I get to live a life of ease and limitless opportunity—and clearly it has—there’s got to be a good reason for that, right?” said the 29-year-old, who reportedly possesses such advantages as financial security, the routine deference of almost everyone he meets, and a general freedom from discomfort or want. “As far back as I can remember, I’ve been helped along by a social order that has smoothed the path in front of me, and I can’t imagine that would continue to happen if it weren’t somehow justified.”

“There’s really no other explanation if you think about it,” he added.

As a result, Naylor stated, he has full faith society has acted fairly in bestowing upon him a relatively privileged upbringing in a safe neighborhood, quickly approved loan applications, the ability to get a job interview just about anywhere with a few phone calls, and, generally speaking, the benefit of the doubt in almost every area of his life. The Orange County native reasoned that the hundreds of millions of people who compose society had made a conscious, collective decision to grant him such perks, and that it was not for him to question their judgment.

Fire Department Deploys Unmarked Trucks



“We’re in this exciting moment where we’ve had 40 years of being ‘tough on crime,’ and we’ve finally come to recognize that it really hasn’t worked very well,” says sociologist Alice Goffman bluntly. “Scientists have shown in the past few years that the relationship between incarceration and crime is basically zip. The crime rate goes up and down, incarceration just continues to grow. It’s not a good way of fighting crime.”

When it comes to talking about jail, Goffman, a teeny tiny wisp of a woman with wide eyes and an open smile, does not mince her words. Sitting forward on a sofa in the Vancouver Convention Center, the day before she is due to give a TED Talk on the problem of using incarceration as a one-size-fits-all solution to crime, she is hopped up at what she sees as the injustice of it all. And she has seen it. As an ethnographer, she lived and breathed with the people in one particular neighborhood of Philadelphia for over a decade, young black men and their families who cannot escape a snakes-and-ladder system that seems like it has been designed to present them with one snake after another.
“Incarceration is targeted at poor African-American and Latino communities,” she says. “So what you have is not just young people going to prison and returning home, but people dealing with court fees, dealing with probation regulations, dealing with parole, living in halfway houses, on house arrest, going to court date after court date. It’s a very corrosive system that’s way bigger than just locking people up and returning them home with criminal records. It creates this culture of fear and suspicion where young people are looking over their shoulder, wondering when the police are going to come, wondering where they’re going to be seized or who around them is helping the police.”

Young people like Tim, who was placed on probation because his brother, Chuck, drove him to school in a car that it transpired had been stolen in California. Tim was charged with being “accessory to receiving stolen property” and placed on three years of probation. He was eleven years old. “And this is the point where Chuck starts teaching him how to run from the police,” says Goffman.

Peter Gabriel HD - Sledgehammer

Sir Christopher Lee: "The Bloody Verdict of Verden" Music Video

Ugly facts About Bernie Sanders That you need to Know.

Fact: He came proudly out of the closet at an Early age as Bipedal.
Fact: He Is a adherent of Socialist Mastication.
Fact: Bernie Sanders generates on average about 3.5 pounds of rubbish a day, most of it paper. Yet supports pollution control. Hypocrisy!
Fact: Sanders has gone through periods of Onanism.
Fact: Bernie Sanders tongue tastes bitter things with the taste buds toward the back. Salty and pungent flavors are tasted in the middle of the tongue, sweet flavors at the tip. This is obviously suspect.
Fact: On average, Americans collectively eat 18 acres of pizza everyday. An obvious socialist plot.
Fact: The average American butt is 14.9 inches long. This may or may not include Bernie Sanders, we need to know why.
Fact: 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year. Bernie Sanders has not been one of them....so far.
Fact: The scene where Indiana Jones shoots the swordsman in Raider’s of the Lost Ark was Harrison Ford's idea so that he could take a bathroom break. Is there a connection with Bernie Sanders? A definitive maybe.
Fact: Vermont Public Radio Show: The Power Of Darkness Bernie Sanders Heavy Metal Hour is not run by Sanders and is entirely fictional.

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