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Magoo48's Journal
Magoo48's Journal
May 24, 2024

Thank You protesters

across the UC system for your direct action supporting divestment and non violence.

The status quo has its paranoid, marble-sized huevos all drawn in over students and employees expressing their power of unity.

The system must withdraw all penalties and sanctions which oozed out under closed doors this week. Keep it up young folks; you’re on the right path.

May 16, 2024

MSM failure.

MSM journalism died under corporate control, manipulation, censorship, collusion, and, well, you name it…

Listener funded, personally funded, and philanthropic funding can produce some in-depth, investigative journalism which releases truths.

People are funny though: they will endlessly piss and moan about the quality of MSM being just what it is, and must be under corporate control, and then turn around and turn their noses up at listener funded journalism like “Democracy Now” simply because moderate liberalism catches a little flack from time to time.

Readers must still pick the fly shit out of the pepper. Hasn’t that always been true to a certain extent?

March 22, 2024

Eleven pics of tfg on our Home page right now.

All of those articles could have been posted without his pic. He always looks the same; we know what he looks like. We have an option whether to read the recycled information, but we don’t have the option of seeing the pics when visiting our Home page.

March 5, 2024

Tfg, tfg, tfg, picture of tfg in right column, tfg, tfg, oh, tfg shit himself at 2:34, tfg, picture of tfg.

Tfg has speaking disorder, 91 indictments, pic of tfg making weird gestures, tfg, tfg, tfg ahead in all polls, tfg, tfg, tfg stinks and might throw ketchup, tfg, tfg…. WTF folks?

January 30, 2024

Why do so many Americans admire billionaires? (A small rant because, at times, these fuckers just piss me off).

Being morbidly rich, like billionaires and multi millionaires, must be viewed in a new and practical, if not social, cultural, and moral light.

Instead of being venerated as iconic financial heroes of this malignant, extraction capitalism, they ought instead be shunned and maligned for hoarding their worker-garnered over abundance while millions of their fellow countrymen struggle to survive.

Instead of exhibiting wary astonishment at the greed proudly exhibited by these captains of industrial and individual bloat, millions upon millions of we the people root for these Smaug like raiders as they rampage over every community in our land extracting more and more of our hard gaining treasure to be stockpiled in their exquisitely adorned, well protected caves.

January 18, 2024

7 pictures of tfg on the home page right now.

If he must be posted about, can’t it be done without his picture?
Some folks are absolutely obsessed with Agent Orange.

January 17, 2024

Illusive pools of information.

Trying no be informed by MSM is like trying to learn to swim in two inches of puddle water. No can do. One must look for deeper pools of information not polluted by billionaires’ money.

January 17, 2024

Deep dive? Not the MSM.

Trying no be informed by MSM is like trying to learn to swim in two inches of puddle water. No can do. One must look for deeper pools of information not polluted by billionaires’ money.

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