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Member since: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 10:19 AM
Number of posts: 4,069

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Every time I hear a Republican Congress critter lie or attempt to block and obstruct, or even speak,

I thinkóshouldnít this person be in the penalty box, in a timeout somewhere, serving an unpaid leave of absence, or sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on? Yet, there they are, strutting about and blowing hard like nothing happened, like itís business as usual, like they all didnít just go out and collectively crap on our own lawn every day for the last four years.

Something is fundamentally wrong with our system when one of our planet's

biggest assholes can lose three popular votes (counting the Senate here) and still claim victory, when our governmentís vestigial structure (again the Senate) can monkey wrench effective government for years upon the feted whims of a power mad amphibian, and when a lunatic minority (you got it, the Senate) can hold sway over an apparently more creative and intelligent majority. Itís (the Senate) not functional. Itís corrupt. Itís diseased.

It's a sorry, embarrassing sight to behold:

Republican Senators are behaving like a coupla dozens abused dogs whoíve never met running around a yard theyíve never been in before. They are manic, needy, and afraid. And, sadly, at this point, they represent no one and nothing.

Will Florida become Trumpistan? Will there be any resistance?

Will itís unofficial borders spread west along the gulf coast? How organized could it become?

Heitkamp is wrong for agriculture.


When every member of the new administration is vitally important to our teamís approach to Climate Crisis, someone aligned with Big Ag could be devastating.

Agent Orange and every Republican in Congress are forever linked at the hip.

Perhaps, there is a small portion of redemption to be had for those who vote against confirmation of the Handmaiden. For Republican Senators, itís their last, best chance to save a bit of self respect. Will any of them take this chance?

If MSM, corporate "News" pisses you off, why do you watch it?

Now is the time for all homeowners associations, municipalities, and other governing bodies

who exercise authority over where people are allowed to plant gardens and grow food to stand down, to resend edicts and easements, to realize that so called property values may very well become a distant secondary to peopleís desire to feed their families.

This spring and summer: now is a real good time for homeowners' associations

and local municipalities to drop their rules and regulations against property owners growing gardens anywhere on their property. We can most certainly use the food, and it will keep many of us busy.

CULT45 NEWS: He's finally about to ask his followers to drink the KoolAid. Will they do it?

Stay tuned.
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