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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 10,519

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Drumpt just gave his marching orders to SCOTUS. Lose in the 9th. I count on winning

in SCOTUS. Roberts is taking dictation as we speak.

Only player with a career pitching winning % over .650 and a slugging % over .650

Babe Ruth.

Really over .600 in reality.

ONLY player to hit a home run in the World Series for 3 different teams.

Matt Williams.

Giants, Indians, and Dbacks.

Dogs everywhere are happy and relieved.

Tangerine Hitler says he won't adopt one.

First DH to hit in the regular season

Ron Blomberg. Yankees. April 6, 1973. He walked against Luis Tiant with the bases loaded.

Science as denied by the Reich Wing

Two cows are standing in a field.

Cow 1: Did you hear about Mad Cow Disease, it's terrible.

Cow 2: Mad Cow Disease? What do I care, I'm a helicopter!


Materialism and Death

A man dies. His name was Fred. The undertaker interviews his widow asking how the obituary should read.

She thinks on it and says write Fred died. The undertaker says your husband was a much revered figure in the community are you sure you donít wonít to add anything else. By the way the first 5 words are free.

The widow thinks on it and says OK. Write Fred died. Boat for sale.


Chess is the best game for a primary lesson of life.

That is, whether King, Queen, or Pawn, at the end of the game, everyone goes into a box.

If a hidden organization begins to control the pistachio market would one call that

a shell company?

Drumpt got the infantry physical

Physical I got when I went into the Army.

Doc: Can you see the wall?

Me: Yes.

Doc: Oh, good, you can hear me too. You are in excellent health.

(But to be fair, I didn't have bone spurs)
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