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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 8,820

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Joke for our times

Man is in the public bathroom and notices there is no TP.

Man yells over to next stall, "hey you got any TP over there?"

Second man yells back, "sorry I'm out too."

First man asks, " have you got any newspaper?"

Second says, "sorry don't have any of that either."

First man sits for a while and ponders, he finally asks "have you got change for a twenty?"

If it's America first

why was 17 tons of PPE sent to China?

During the Carter administration

the media kept a count of how many days the hostages were held in Iran. Going further back I recall TV stations putting a figure on the screen showing the number soldiers killed in Vietnam.

Itís time for the media to have a permanent icon on the screen of how many Americans Trumpís incompetence has killed. Not occasionally, but all the time.

Revision of the Shitgibbon's original statement

I could kill (shoot) 200,000 people on 5th Avenue and I wouldn't lose a single vote. Well, except for the dead ones, he seems to be right.
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