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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,135

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A cowboy was discussing the intelligence of his horse

He told his fellow cowboy. My horse knows physics, history, biology, and political science. But my horse doesn't understand philosophy. The other cowboy asked why not?

The first cowboy said because "you can't put Descartes before the horse."

Player with most career hits without a 200 hit season?

Carl Yastrzemski
Career hits 3419
Most hits in a season-1962 with 191.

Eddie Murray is second.
Career hits-3255
Most hits in a season-1980 with 186.

At the protect Mueller rally in Phoenix!

What's not in the news today anywhere.

"The Caravan."

No surprise. File it with Ebola.

I believe Lawrence's guests on MSNBC have it wrong.

Whittaker will do all the dirty work to bury Mueller and not fear disbarment because he figures Drumpt will pardon him.

This morning I'm already sick of this word.


Player with the greatest disparity between home runs and strikeouts in a season (min. 30 HRS)

Lou Gehrig
49 HRS
31 SOs

Your best response to someone, you have never met, but says I've heard a lot about you.

Mine: "I deny everything, but the clown swung first."

A man noticed a farmer lifting a very heavy pig

up to a apple tree so it could munch on some fruit. The observer remarked, "hey wouldn't be easier to put the pig on the ground and just shake some apples loose so the pig could eat off the ground. Seems like it would be more convenient and efficient.

The farmer replied, "I don't think the pig cares about time."

Why is a crow?


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