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2naSalit's Journal
2naSalit's Journal
June 20, 2024

SAVED BY DU!!! (Going offline update)

A big, fat, sloppy hug for DU, and especially jmbar2 who had the info for my solution, for all your love and support!

I have contacted my soon to be new ISP and will be enjoying a smooth transition to that provider in the next week which means there will be no interruptions in my ability to access DU from my little hovel on the hill whenever I choose.

Thank you all so much, this is one of the things that makes DU great! There's always an answer and, usually, one of you have it!

Edited to add: Here's the link to the provider of choice:


June 19, 2024

Guess I'll Be Going Offline Indefinitely...

End of the week.

Got my rectum bill yesterday, it's due Friday, they've raised the monthly fee by $20/mo each month for the last four months, not including the increase when the rural discount went away two months ago. I can't afford $100/mo for just internet access. I don't bundle anything, just have a laptop and whatever it can do with regard to being on DU, watching videos and streaming the news, mostly.

That's 10% of my monthly income before rent and everything else so fuckit.

I love you, DU, but I am now under pressure to go offline because I can no longer afford to be here as much as I normally am - I come here for access to news and conversation because I don't seem to have any friends here in town anymore... I don't fit in with the cliques I guess.

On the bright side, it's summer and I have a lot to do since I have decided that I'm probably relocating in the next year and there's a lot of stuff to get rid of somehow. There are also lots of plans that need to be made for such a change so this will compel me to get with the program out of sheer boredom!

I'll check in when I can, like when I feel like hauling the laptop to an access point or something. I'll be around until Friday-ish, not sure exactly when they'll pull the plug, when they do, I'll pack up their shit and ship back to them on Monday.

Greed, it's what will get us in the end.


June 9, 2024

Days of Wine and Comeuppance

This is a bit of a story, the main event happened earlier this morning. It's a tale of a spectacular self own that I'm still a little giddy about and I just HAVE to tell!

I live in a 4-plex cluster of small individual pre-fab apartments on a windy hill, low income. I keep to myself as does one of the other residents. Then there's the racist in the way back who has a big personal problem about the young person of color who lives across the shared driveway from me. She's about 65-ish and drinks a lot, probably already lit or hungover this morning.

This racist has been trying to get the young man kicked out of his house because she's a racist asshole. Keeps calling the cops on him for sitting on his porch and other non-reasons. She has an accomplice, the -45 humper with the dogs whom I have filed assault charges against as she was trying to get me kicked out with the help of the racist next door last year. They function as a team on this venture, the guy's unit is sort of between them.

I warned the young man about them. Sure he has friends over and isn't a silent neighbor but he's not an idiot or a jerk. I talk to him a little, I don't want him to think all his neighbors see him in a bad light, I certainly don't.

So this morning I was planning on a quiet day at home, watching videos on DU and doing chores. The young man across the driveway has been gone for several weeks and I only heard a few days ago that he had been at the state mental health facility! I hadn't seen him until this morning so when I heard someone with a hammer and it sounded like it was at his place, I got up to see if he was there. He was and he decided to pound in a couple nails sticking out of the floor of his porch... not a crime at 9:30am. But he's black so...

By the time I got up from my chair and crossed the room I heard shouting, a lot of it. I open my door to see the racist woman standing six... ten feet away from the young man and a friend of his and she's waving a fucking gun around!

After a few seconds, I'm now taking notes, she starts to walk away while they are all still yelling and she's still waving the gun around but she did go back inside her place when she saw me come off the porch. I got the guys to stop yelling and convinced them to go inside and call the police and that I SAW her with the gun.

I have PTSD, so do both the guys, I was unsuccessful in calling the cops because I was shaking, I was triggered but I was also pissed as hell at that wench. Both she and the young man called.

She had tried to recruit me and another neighbor in her evil campaign. She proudly announced to me, a few months ago, that she had installed a video camera and she was watching that guy. That's the only thing the camera has been trained on, his home. She also told me about her alliance with the -45 humper on the next property over, big mistake. The cherry on top here is that the racist with the gun's camera recorded the whole incident! And now the sheriff has it as evidence!!

Well this morning all her stupidity bit her hard on the ass and she is sitting in a jail cell right now. She's not coming home today.

I am serving as a witness and I hope to be called at the trial, those guys are gonna sue her ass too. I gave a statement to the cops and let them know all about her little conspiracy to either get that guy kicked out of the housing at the very least by continuing to call in false reports about him. She's in a deep vat of her own shit.

So the tally this afternoon; we have one racist in a jail cell, one young man in the hospital recovering from a panic attack, the other got counseling and came home, I took them to the facility at the hospital to take care of that. It creates a paper trail too but their conditions were real... the young neighbor has a good case because the reason he was gone for weeks is that he was under state ordered eval because of the racist wench next door. Now it's her turn, I don't think she's going to fare well on that one. I mean, the young man only came home last night and now she's out pulling a gun on him for being on his porch with a friend! WTF?!?!

I'm okay, triggered but functional. I know the humper still has her camera trained on my front door, I reported that again in my statement. And I just can't help doing a little victory dance and loud laughter for that camera every time I go off my porch and loudly say... Hahaha! Racist B*&*%h Fucked Up! While pointing at her house.


Looks like I'll be getting a new neighbor! Hope they're cool!

May 17, 2024

Jon Tester on The Last Word 5/15/24

Discusses his campaign for re-election and some of the policies that he finds important...

(Last night I saw a segment of Tester expressing that he has issues with the Postmaster General and I thought this was it! Glad a I watched it again. Now I have to find the one I thought this one was.)
May 15, 2024

Russians lost 1400 Men Today! Massive Battles on the Kharkiv Front Ukraine War Update

Russians lost 1400 Men Today! Massive Battles on the Kharkiv Front | Ukraine War Update
(At 26:45 there is a very interesting extra at the end about Artur's latest visit to Kiev and his latest delivery of vehicles and equipment. Much of this segment includes fellow youtubers like Ana from Ukraine. It appears that these reporters have organized and collectively raise funds for drones and vehicles and other military equipment. Crowd sourcing among tubers and bloggers. The NAFO community.)


For some reason the timeline is not available and the transcript is a nightmare.

April 27, 2024

Day 3 of Tornadoland...

Today it's Oklahoma and Kansas, well, for starters.

April 26, 2024

Missouri Valley/SW Iowa DUers...

Get underground!

Massive, deadly tornado headed right for you!!

April 21, 2024

Journey to the center of Maine Part 3: After

Part 3: After

The spectacle of a total eclipse is, as they say, very different from witnessing the event outside the path of totality. For one, since I was in a 90% zone for the total eclipse in 2017, I was able to compare a couple things like the Snake Effect thing, I think that only happens in the path of totality; and do the birds sing or not? In the 90% zone I witnessed bald eagles and osprey go to trees and roost quietly until the darkness passed. In the path of totality we saw the birds rush to their "places" and when it was in totality they all called out with all their might, it was loud. And the wind across the ice stopped.

And the visuals, sorry I couldn't capture the Snake thing, it was pretty cool.

The best shots from the event

Once again

As it moves out of position

Southern edge/Greenville

Receding Shadow

A Closer Look at That

Shadow Receding Under the Sun

Some perspective

All Done

Time to put the glasses back on

And then I was back to looking for the snakes again for the next ten seconds. But walking back to the bar and grille we were kind of anchored at, the eclipse was still in progress so the trees provided us with updates in multiples

Amazingly also, my whole stay was fun and had no unpleasant events once I actually got there. I even missed earthquakes that would have extended my unhappily lengthy stay at notable airport both ways... guess I am still able to keep one step, in this case a couple hours, ahead of those!

I made it home safely hopping over different storms crossing the nation, thankfully north of a big mess of tornadoes. The wonderful sight waiting for me at my destination was a beautiful newish moon, the slightest crescent such that you could see an illumined outline around the earth's shadow mimicking the eclipse in the same portion of the sky some 30 hours later while Venus shone brightly beneath.

April 21, 2024

Journey to the center of Maine Part 2

Part 2: During

Amazingly, as crowded as it was on the south shore of the lake, Skippa's dad and I were able to walk a little way up the west side and found a boat ramp and jetty where only a few people had gathered, there was plenty of space so we watched from there. A few younger folks joined us and we enjoyed anticipatory conversation. One knowledgeable guy told us the long version of the cause of the Snake Effect and a pair of students from a local college decided they would watch from there too. Everyone was amazed at how bright the sunlight was, even at 90% coverage. It only took seconds for the light to disappear completely once it was past 90%.

After watching the Snake Effect, it was okay to look directly at the sun/moon without protection so I turned the camera upward during the period of totality.

Aaaaaand, There it is!

And Venus!

You could see the edges of the shadow on either side

Looking southeast

Looking northwest

And you could see the trajectory of the shadow as it passed over and beyond

Looking northeast

Part 1 https://www.democraticunderground.com/1036130371

Part 3 https://www.democraticunderground.com/1036130380

April 21, 2024

Journey to the center of Maine...

Or a day in the life of 2naSalit.

Somebody Say Something About An Eclipse?

Like a moth to a flame, I traveled to the wonderful state of Maine to see the total eclipse... place of my childhood and birthplace to all of my younger siblings. I missed the last total eclipse, was in the 90% zone in 2017, but I heard about an effect of light, that many described during the event, on live broadcasts.

They called it the "snake effect" and many studies were conducted with regard to it this time. That's what I wanted to see, though I did not know what caused it. So I made plans about a month ahead of time and notified a fellow DUer that I was going to be in their area, three cheers to OAITW.r.2.0 who ended up being my knight in shining armor and rescued me from a potential disaster!

Note to those who "get" astrology: beware of taking vacations while Mercury is retrograde between a pair of eclipses even if you make plans ahead of all that.

So I was doing fine with my travel plans all the way up until the first plane landed at a reputable airport on the eastern seaboard, I've been there before, long story, not a pleasant experience. And there I was again, decades later, only to find that the place had grown exponentially and not in a good way, especially for an aging individual. Arrived with plenty of time to make my connecting flight north only to get to the departure gate, a few miles away from where I arrived, to find my flight was canceled due to the snowstorm that I just saw a few days ago in Montana. I simply got in front of it to really enjoy its full affect, one more time, from above, inside and underneath.

I know how to have a good time!

27 hours later I was on my way to Maine where a rental car and a nice B&B room awaited ...or so I thought. Due to everyone charging my card for all my lodging etc. on the same day, I was not able to rent a car. As it turned out, my two contacts were sympathetic and made sure my visit was as good as I had hoped. Both told me to forget the car and they took care of my transportation needs. The innkeeper came to the airport and not only rescued me but put me in the nicest room for the first few nights since I was the only one there until a couple days prior to the eclipse, then I spent the rest of my stay in the smaller room I actually rented.

But it was Skippa's dad who was my chauffeur, concierge and companion for the majority of my stay... and Skippa, of course!

The weather was gloomy until the day before the event and just like it did back home, it got sunny and warm. Folks in Maine who came for the eclipse were in for a treat. On Monday, the big day, there was not a cloud in the sky and it was warm!

Skippa, his dad and me all set out to travel to the best place to see this phenomena which was Greenville, at the southern tip of Moosehead Lake. Nice little town, it was packed but everybody was nice and happy. It's not like that around the western national parks. There was no aggressive driving! At all! imagine that.

Anyway, I promised Skippa's dad that I would post a bunch of pictures here on DU. Due to a few factors of lighting and time, I chose to use the video option on my mediocre camera which did okay for what I demanded of it. The majority of the following photos are stills taken from the video with cropping and contrast slightly enhanced as the only treatment.

Part 1. Before

Crowd at Greenville, Maine

More at the dry dock of the Katahdin

As it grew darker the wind picked up. We were on a jetty so we had lake ice around us and as the wind picked up there were visible heatwaves rising from the ice covered lake. Granted it was in the +50s prior to the event.

Everything with a hole in it became a pinhole camera, like the fencepost on the jetty

The "Snake Effect", as I was informed, is from the last tidbits of direct sunlight as the jagged contours of the moon's surface block out the last of the direct sunlight hitting the atmosphere and refracting to create a remarkable effect on the ground for a few seconds at the beginning and end of totality. Made sense to me.

It's subtle and hard to describe but it is a light effect that I had never seen before. Another challenge was capturing it on video. It's seems like a combination of strobing ripples of light and shadow, shimmering and vibrating rapidly away from you. I watched it across the lake ice, definitely saw it but not sure if anyone else can see it. It wasn't clear in the video either so I'll only post a couple for examples.

Then Darkness!

Part 2 https://www.democraticunderground.com/1036130377

Part 3 https://www.democraticunderground.com/1036130380

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