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Fred Sanders

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Deplorable - Collins: Reasonable Doubt Standard for Republicans, Reasonable Suspicion for Democrats!

Published September 16...this writer had it pegged all along.


"Here’s your daily hypocrisy alert. I mean, the Republican Party no longer stands for anything so this is a pointless exercise because not only do they not stand for anything (say hello to the deficit they almost doubled in a year after spending eight years threatening the country because they cared about deficits so much) but they shamelessly do not care that they are hypocrites.

So this is only for those who are still selling themselves as “moderates.” Hi, Senator Collins."


That’s right. His own party wanted him to step down because Democrats try to walk their talk when it comes to women these days, unlike Republicans who keep telling us there is no war on women, while they refuse to fund the violence against women act, elect a sexual predator to the White House, have a track record of horrible comments when it comes to rape, recently ran a Roy Moore for Senate who allegedly sexually assaulted a teenager, and now they want to rush through yet another sexual predator to the Supreme Court.

Collins also said the Franken allegations were “credible, disgusting and appalling.”

Susan Collins thought Al Franken wasn’t fit for the Senate after he tried to force a kiss on someone and other accusations of this nature. Again I’m not defending this, but put up next to what Kavanaugh is credibly accused of – the woman accusing Kavanaugh took an FBI lie detector test and passed, on top of other incidents that suggest merit to her claim- the two are not on the same playing field at all.


If Republicans did not have Hypocrisy and a media willing to forget the word exists what would they have left?

Susan? All America sees you clearly, finally and personally I now consider you an official Deplorable.

Posted by Fred Sanders | Sat Oct 6, 2018, 10:18 AM (1 replies)

Another jaw dropping revelation in the NYT bombshell. "Hobbesian"...I learned a new word!

"As the chip episode demonstrated, father and son were of one mind about rules and regulations, viewing them as annoyances to be finessed or, when necessary, ignored. As described by family members and associates in interviews and sworn testimony, theirs was an intimate, endless confederacy sealed by blood, shared secrets and a HOBBESIAN view of what it took to dominate and win.

They talked almost daily and saw each other most weekends. Donald Trump sat at his father’s right hand at family meals and participated in his father’s monthly strategy sessions with his closest advisers. Fred Trump was a silent, watchful presence at many of Donald Trump’s news conferences.

“I probably knew my father as well or better than anybody,” Donald Trump said in a 2000 deposition.

They were both fluent in the language of half-truths and lies, interviews and records show. They both delighted in transgressing without getting caught. They were both wizards at manipulating the value of their assets, making them appear worth a lot or a little depending on their needs."



English philosopher and political theorist Thomas Hobbes, best known for his book Leviathan (1651), in which he argues that the only way to secure civil society is through universal submission to the absolute authority of a sovereign.

Hobbes′i·an adj.

So not just Hitler, but Thomas Hobbes, not just Mien Kiempf, Leviathan.

Posted by Fred Sanders | Tue Oct 2, 2018, 08:02 PM (7 replies)

Cartoon from Michael De Adder Saskatoon Star-Phoenix Jan. 12, 2018


To which I would add...NOW? What took so long? I see no clear picture....

Posted by Fred Sanders | Mon Oct 1, 2018, 11:47 AM (2 replies)
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