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Member since: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 11:40 PM
Number of posts: 3,741

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Horror story - trump and ivana ... BOOOOO

Ivana Trump is once again single. The woman behind Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. recently told the New York Post that she has split from her on-again-off-again partner Rossano Rubicondi.

"I am once again a single woman," Trump told the tabloid. “I have the freedom to do what I want, with whomever I want to, and I can afford my lifestyle."

She and Rubicondi had previously been married and divorced, and all-in, they have known each other for more than 15 years. "The relationship just ran its course," she said. "The long-distance relationship really doesn’t work. We had a good time and are friends. The split was amicable."

Romance aside, here's what else you need to know about President Trump's first wife.


Bone spur pres, I have them for standing hours a day

I have worked my whole life, in kitchens. Sometimes on my feet for 20 hours, as a Chef. My ex ray's show development of serious bone spurs. How does a teenager like trump claim to have them??? BULL SHIT!

pence, pence .... GUMBY VP

The drum beat is getting louder for looking at his involvement in all of trump's dirty administration decisions. The bend over backwards and forwards, side to side, up and down ... GUMBY VP ... he will fit in very well with other traitors

Our Commander in Chief is a failure

"Put that in your pipe and smoke it" ... I have two nephews serving and now being sent over there ... to hell, I am afraid for their lives with this fucking trump making decisions and the military brass not standing up to him and his reckless non-policy decisions. WHEN WILL THE TRUE PATRIOTS STAND UP! I appeal to trump supporters to speak up. SAVE OUR TROOPS NOW! Troops are not being returned home, they are being put in the worst danger.

Just wondering, what does trump store in his eye bags?

you all can see them, puffy and painted white with makeup ... maybe it's the tears of the dead Kurdish children, women, the elderly and sick, innocent civilians? trump is evil, he needs to refresh his evil vision, "the blood on the leaves and blood at the roots" ... SATAN

rebubs turning on trump & never trumpers must make amends

They all need to vote for Democrats in our next elections or STFU. I am sick of seeing them going after trump but not coming out against the deep and dirty rot in the entire repub party. Ante up ... many more ex-repubs need to do the same. They always wait for the Democrats to clean up repub's messes. Well, we will hold you responsible for trump, no matter when you decided to jump ship. So, show us what you intend to do to make amends to our Nation.

Republicans who left the party in opposition to the Trump administration

Several prominent Republicans have left the party in opposition to actions taken by the Trump administration.

Joe Scarborough (host of Morning Joe)[48]
George Will (conservative columnist)[49]
Max Boot (conservative columnist)[50]
Richard Painter (Bush ethics lawyer)[51]
Steve Schmidt (Republican Party strategist and top George W. Bush aide)[52]
Jennifer Rubin (author of the Right Turn blog for The Washington Post)[53]


The best winning ticket for Dems

President Warren ... VP Michelle Obama .... a total blowout .... dreams sometimes do come true

How One Daring Woman Introduced the Idea of Smallpox Inoculation to England

She should also have been lauded as a pioneer of medicine. But her great achievement remained little-known until recently. As the scientist Francis Galton later put it, “In science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the idea first occurs.”


The worst quote in American History will be

"Let trump, be trump"

Woopsie, trump appears to be losing the Military

Talk about tying the hands of our Generals on the ground and the shame the troops feel ...

Loss of US intelligence collection from Syria withdrawal threatens fight against ISIS

The rapid withdrawal of American troops from Syria is stoking the concerns of Congress and former U.S. defense officials who warn the limited American presence and abandonment of an ally will stymie intelligence collection efforts.

Human intelligence networks driven by U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces may all but collapse following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria ahead of a Turkish assault to drive out the Kurdish-led militia.

And limited troop presence in the war torn region coupled with a congested airspace over northern Syria could hamper U.S. air collection assets and loitering surveillance times over suspected ISIS targets.

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