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Member since: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 09:37 AM
Number of posts: 1,338

About Me

My blog: http://www.borntorunthenumbers.com/

Journal Archives

Two Must Read Articles

One on racism and the other on the threat to Obamacare:

A First Look at the 2016 Senate Map - A Tougher Take Back For the Dems Than You Might Think

An early review, state-by-state:

Americans Satisfied With Health Care System

From Gallup:

Lame Ducks, Wingnuts and the Run-Up to 2016

Lame duck, yes. Inconsequential, no:

How Did I Do?

A forecaster's Election 2014 report card:

Obamacare, A Love Story: Our 2015 Premium is Declining Mightily

Our happy experience with the ACA: "broken promises" and lower costs....


How the evening went from a forecasters point of view:

What to look for tonight

Look for North Carolina (polls close 7:30 EST) and New Hampshire (8:00). If the Dems lose them, or even one of them, there is no chance to hold the Senate. All races here:

The Path to the Democrats Holding the Senate

Win New Hampshire, North Carolina, Alaska and Kansas.
Lose Iowa and Colorado.
That makes it 49-49.
Then fight like hell to win one runoff, Louisiana or Georgia.
See this:

FINAL Election Predictions: Hold On, It's Going to be a Long Night...Actually a Few Long Months

Each Senate, House and Governor Race forecast here...whew is this going to be complicated! Toss-ups, runoffs, independents...it could take months to sort out who controls the Senate and various other seats:
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