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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 11:47 PM
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Setting up

Has anyone made a bullet point flyer on Bernie's immigration plan? We're starting to set-up an office and tabling plans in the SW. A Spanish translation would also be helpful.

Bernie's wing span

With these #'s is it time to start invoking OUR 50 state strategy?

The campaign tour is expanding to include diversity in the opening or supporting speeches.

Has the moment come for us to begin introducing Progressive Primary challengers in each stop as opening speakers where they exist.

What a wonderful way to turn the tables with Bernie's endorsement being more powerful than the DNC, DSCC and the DCCC.

Bernie's expansion

Bernie"s expanded message should SOON not only be read on social media and spoken at events but sung at huge concerts with supporting musicians.

In particular, the AA community could be reached in big numbers with AA artists coordinating with Bernie Events.

Would the musicians donate their time for free events, we hope so. What a wonderful way to contrast the everyday People's candidate from the 1% fundraisers.

Music is a universal language and Bernie has a universal message

The underlying theme:

economic inequality is the criminal Banksters goal.

Since Hillary is part of them, she must try everything she can to divert attention away from this topic. Bernie bangs this home in every speech to candidly imply the huge difference between them.

Now Hillary is using racism to divert once again her close association with Wall Street crooks by downplaying economic inequality in the AA community.

Her quote, "there are some who say, 'Well racism is a result of economic inequality." I don't believe that." If she doesn't believe that, then call her on it. Let the AA community know that she is against raising people out of poverty because it has no effect whatsoever on racism.

IMO, if she wants to stand solely on social justice to protect her buddy Banksters income stream, make her own it.

I hope Bernie stays on economics and includes social justice as interrelated and is not chased away from this enormous HRC distinction.

(From my GDP post)

Bernie's Gain

If VP Biden jumps in, a dilemma arises as to who does Obama support? If he chooses Biden, then what % of the Clinton AA vote peels off and goes to Biden? As more become aware of Bernie's continual civil rights stances, expect more peel offs.

If Obama stays neutral, how does Hillary hold the AA vote?

If Biden plays the Conservative to allow HRC to slide more left, he still peels off votes from Hillary making her more vulnerable. Either way, Biden in or Biden out Bernie's campaign will grow.

50 states, count them all

One goal is retaking the House. Wikipedia has it at 201 (D) vs 234(R) = 33 to flip, plus some Blue Dog betrayers.

33 Congresspeople is 1 change/33 states, 2 flips by 17 states, 3 flips/11 states or 4 changes by 9 states, doesn't seem impossible from this perspective.

Remember Bernie is going after Sanders Repubs (like Reagan Dems) and should make more Red seats competitive, not just a handful those pundits point out.

Expecting serious Populist coattails by Bernie to help with our progressive numbers.

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