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bilingual, bipedal homo sapien

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This church harasses women

From the article:

MORE THAN 40 pro-choice activists gathered early on February 3 to demonstrate outside a church whose members regularly harass women entering a nearby abortion clinic.
Once a month, St. Patrick's Basilica in New York City interrupts its service to march parishioners three blocks down the street to the Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Center.

To read more:


Good news: Christian group plans revival to protest toxic evangelicalism

From the article:

A group of progressive evangelicals and other Christians are planning a “revival” this spring to protest “toxic evangelicalism” and evangelical leaders such as Jerry Falwell Jr. who support President Trump.
Christian author and activist Shane Claiborne announced the event on Twitter Wednesday (Feb. 7), saying he and others plan to host a “Red Letter Revival” on April 6-7 in Lynchburg, Va. — the same city where Liberty University, a conservative Christian school led by Falwell, is located.

To read more:


Much of the media prefers to present Christians as a right wing monolith.

Obstacles to dialogue, part 2

This topic has been visited before. But when the same obstacles keep occurring, is it any wonder that there is no real dialogue?

Dialogue is not calling other people names. It is not making unsubstantiated accusations. Dialogue implies reading and responding to what was actually written.

One example:
A claim was made that I mock atheists. That claim implies that I mock atheists as a class of people, or even that I mock atheists because they are atheists. I asked for actual proof for this claim in the form of citations to actual posts that I have made. The accuser has not provided any actual evidence, but persists in repeating the claim.

My view, often stated, is that Democrats must realize that in a big tent, there is room for all. No, there is a real need for all. Our progressive positions must unite us even as we differ on matters of faith. So posts that present people of faith in a positive light should not be reflexively rejected because this does not represent perfection. No one here is perfect.

But we must recognize that we are united in our belief that the Democratic Party is the best vehicle for attaining our shared goals.

Good news:Evangelicals join interfaith leaders in Washington to promote religious tolerance

From the article:

As hundreds of Jewish, Muslim and Christian faith leaders from the United States and abroad descended on Washington for a conference on religious tolerance this week, attendees were quick to note an unexpectedly large delegation from one particular religious group: evangelical Christians.

To read more:


If Emperor Trump is to have his parade,

perhaps liberals should also have a resistance parade on the same day in many large cities.

What if Move On or other organizations were to organize counter-parades?


Black students and teachers matter

From the article:

EDUCATORS IN America know all too well that the school-to-prison pipeline is not just a political catchphrase....

"It extends across this country," says Seattle educator, attorney and organizer Nikkita Oliver.
This is why from February 5 to 9, Oliver and thousands of educators around the U.S. will wear Black Lives Matter shirts to school and teach lessons about structural racism, intersectional Black identities, Black history, and anti-racist movements for a nationally organized week of action: Black Lives Matter at School.

To read more:


For the NRA, the price of freedom is endless gun deaths.

The NRA reflexively opposes any regulations on the sale and possession of weapons of death.

The NRA reflexively opposes any politician who even hints at favoring regulations on the weapons of death.

The NRA backs up that opposition with an energized, if tiny, membership that is willing to phone, text, and email anyone who dares to suggest that the huge number of gun deaths might have any relationship to the huge numbers of weapons of death in this country.

The NRA is backed up by a SCOTUS that stands with the manufacturers of weapons of death, a SCOTUS that stands against the American people, a SCOTUS that does not allow weapons if death in their own building.

So when we read the endless stream of stories involving gun deaths and shootings, families of the victims should repeat this comforting mantra: gun deaths are the price of freedom.

Feel better, families of victims?

Turning the Tables on the Abortion Fight

From the article:

Forty five years after the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision declared abortion a constitutional right, far too many are ready to compromise and give up women’s right to abortion. Columns in the New York Times, Daily Beast, Mother Jones suggest that it’s too late to save abortion access. Some even argue that Democrats should give up the fight for once and all, for the sake of focusing on other priorities........

Galvanized by the blatant sexism and disregard towards women’s autonomy, the reproductive and abortion rights movement has seized this moment to face down this particularly dangerous administration with strong, proactive bills and policies that will not only protect the right to abortion, but guarantee it as a fundamental right for all women. Access to all forms of healthcare is not a political game and should not be treated as such.

To read more:


Far-Right Trump Backers Biggest Purveyors of Sensationalist, Low-Quality News: Oxford Study

From the article:

Trump supporters are the biggest consumers of low-quality, sensationalist news stories on social media, according to a new report by Oxford University.
The study, conducted over three months leading up to President Donald Trump's State of the Union address last week, goes beyond the abundant evidence that Republicans, Democrats, and independents rely on different news sources, finding a clear divide in which social media users consume stories from discredited sources.

Trump himself is a huge consumer of low quality news.

To read more of what is quite obvious to many of us:


Good news: On college campuses, some evangelicals find room to reflect

From the article:

Evangelicals in particular, have long harbored misgivings about academia, viewing universities as places where faith goes to die.
Study centers, however, want to cast off the perception that evangelicals are anti-intellectual or anti-science. Protestants, after all, established most of the universities known today as the Ivy League, and these centers want to restore respect for learning and scholarship......

At UVA, one of the most popular study center offerings is the Faith, Reason, and Science Group, which has been a long-standing partnership with the Virginia Atheists and Agnostics. Participants might reflect on a chapter from a book by evolutionary biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins one week, and by geneticist and evangelical Francis Collins the next.

To read more:

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