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Member since: Wed Apr 1, 2015, 05:17 PM
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Is the participation of insurers in health care immoral?

That is the general question I'm posing.

"Real Time with Bill Maher"

Last night's show was a doozy:

Bill did (at minimum) a puffball one-on-one with retired/"retired" Gen. Michael Hayden (plugging his book), he of both the CIA and the NSA. The general was in dress but casual attire. (I remember when John Ehrlichman, after his guilt by association with Nixon, grew a big beard and moved to rural Santa Fe - got all folksy and stuff.)

Michael Eric Dyson gave an unequivocal endorsement of Hillary.

Fran Lebowitz said nothing of interest or import.

The Cosmo editor - wtf?

Highlight was Mark Ruffalo, calling out Jerry Brown for being a climate change poseur.

Why (or "why") does corporate media not notice Trump's

obvious aping of Mussolini's physical demeanor?

In theory, that might slow his momentum.

I for one am watching to see if this gets introduced.

Some HRC supporters are as fact aversive

as the Republicans:

She did support W's fraudulent, murderous invasion of Iraq (got WMD?);

She does receive $200,000 (or so) for willingly speaking to the predatory likes of Goldman Sachs, and when asked
to release the scripts, she laughs in response (a variation on "let them eat cake";

Her daughter does have an affiliation with the Peter Peterson (another billionaire Reagan hack) Foundation; one of its missions is to dismantle or privatize Social Security;

She does take campaign contributions from Wall Street.

If these can be refuted, please post. Thank you.

Why did HRC invoke GW Bush favorably?

She did it last night. Why would ANY Democrat even mention his name?

Also not helpful: Her petulance over her claim of impugned integrity, and the kneejerk fallback on 9/11.

Joni Mitchell

Today (November 7th) is her birthday.
She is one of the most underappreciated musicians I can name; her post-"Court and Spark" records are wildly overlooked, and that's without merit.
She apparently suffered an aneurysm earlier this year, and is making (I hope) progress.

Reading her book of interviews (with Malka Marom) was by turns heartbreaking (her parents' general indifference to
her childhood polio) and funny (her very perceptive wit).

In my book, she is a genius.

"Real Time with Bill Maher"

Have long been a fan, and usually appreciate his panel not being entirely comprised of those preaching to the choir.
However, last week's panel had two GOP bottom feeders - Mary Matalin and Steve Schmidt. How the former has the chutzpah to even leave the house is beyond me, with Schmidt not far behind in his role as campaign manager for McCain/Palin.
On top of which: In his shows running up to the July hiatus, Maher never took up the TPP as a topic (and don't think it was even mentioned). I hope that someone on Maher's staff will eventually notice these absurd dysjuncts.
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