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Member since: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 11:22 AM
Number of posts: 141

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I'm not buying it

Either the fool is lying about taking hydroxy, or taking such a low dosage to have no side effects...every thing he does is for his reality show.... I don’t think he would take any personal risk..only damage will be to all the fools out there who may be inspired to take it

Just got stimulus check

Don’t really need it as much as others...just donated to Joe Biden, Amy McGrath, Jaime Harrison, and joe cunningham

Hey..no school shootings in over a month...but

i wonder about all of the mentally imbalanced,,,politically deranged..sitting with their arsenals of second amendment solutions..now even more decompensated by isolation...we've seen some of them on the steps of Ohio state house and with their weapons in michigan...now emboldened by the liberator in chief...how long before we see one of their most imbalanced assault a gov or health care facility in a mass shooting.....?

Drump owning cable networks

Anyone else pissed that cnn/msnbc giving him so much time, clearly because he knows Biden has a town hall on another venue and wants to dominate the air time..it is time for them to start airing Biden’s town halls as a public service...not the daily bs.....allowing this to go on for hours...what is their motivation?

I'm waiting for the first evangelical megachurch

to announce easter service,packed with people and televised.live..invite drump to attend...rally time....any bets ?

Pence is disgusting

What a great inspiration the president is...one lie after another... can’t count the lies fast enough..no words

Watching Nikki Haley

Have been getting ads on Facebook with her “stand up America” “survey”...all questions to validate trump’s agenda. She’s all about herself...here in SC when governed...months before the mother Emanuel shooting..was asked about the confederate flag..her response was like “havn’t met a CEO yet who is bothered by it...no big deal...after the shooting she rightfully came out against it ...she flows with the political winds of her self interest and I think she will be on board with trump spreading all of his bs by the time of the convention ’

WTF...democratic mayor of Columbia SC

on with Ali on msnbc this AM.....this african american mayor defending/minimizing stop & frisk, redlining...is clearly all in with bloomberg....Ali pressed him hard..the mayor looked foolish...I am concerned about this my home state...can someone explain why bloomberg is having so much appeal with anyone ? I can't figure it out

Nikki Haley on the move in SC

Just had an ad on my Facebook “ Survey “ her issues being of open borders, illegal immigrants, impending disaster of socialism...looks like she’s on board with the don if this was a legitimate ad..just have to be careful these days

trumpets in SC

anyone know if voting records can show repubs voting in open Dem primary ? word out that trumpets are going to vote in the primary for sanders here in SC, are voting records open to show this, if true?
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