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kenn3d's Journal
kenn3d's Journal
March 27, 2016

Voter fraud in Hawaii?

Hillary supporter tries to throw away Bernie ballots, gets kicked out.

Over 100 comments at the link. Apparent effort underway to publish the cellphone video.

March 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders gets a big delegate surge in the West - Super Saturday

Some here may be using the delegate counter at http://demrace.com/ (nice tool).
It seems they've made a small adjustment to the highly contested Arizona results since last Tuesday... Bernie apparently got a few more delegates than first reported there (though the counts in those 3 states are not yet certified). So as the Caucuses began this morning Hillary's pledged delegate lead had dropped to 294.

Now with Washington and Alaska both projected as wins for Bernie with BIG margins of @70% or more, and Hawaii Caucus numbers expected to be similar, the gap could further narrow by another 70 to 100 delegates.

One very Super Saturday for Bernie Sanders.

March 18, 2016

African-Irish-German-Americans for Bernie

Not sure this pro-Sanders diatribe (published Tuesday Mar 15, 2016) will be deemed anti-Clinton enough to be excised from the site. But some Bernie supporters here may enjoy reading it before it disappears perhaps.

You ain't no African-American.
You were born right here... in St.Louis, or Brooklyn, or Oakland, ...someplace in the US anyway. Your parents were born here too most likely. You prolly don't have a family member in generations that's ever even been to Africa. It’s aight, you’re a “person of color”, but accept it, you’re a natural born American. Now my son-in-law is an African-American for real. He was born and raised in Togo, and still has a big family there. He had to carry a Green Card in Chicago for many years before officially achieving citizenship in these United States.

That's ok though, I ain't no Irish-American neither. I was born in Baltimore and my parents are from Virginia (or Appalachia I guess… twarn’t that much guvamint up in the mountains around there). I don't really know when my first ancestor arrived in America from Ireland. Anyway, about 50 years ago my older brother married a German-American girl, born and raised in Germany and now a US citizen (but still with a thick German accent). And 46 yrs ago, I married a so-called "African-American" girl from the Bronx, (who's also never been to Africa). So I say, my wife ain’t no African-American either, but all of our children and grandchildren are...

Yes we're all Americans now... although none of us should be too proud of it. Truth is, our country's history and heritage is way less "exceptional" than we've all been taught. Our national shame is layered deep with conquest and enslavement and greed and bloody senseless wars both at home and abroad. And much of that ugly heritage remains painfully evident in our societal DNA to this day. Despite our intermixing as a people, prejudice and inequality and greed and horrific imperial misdeeds abound in this “the land of the free and the home of the brave”... (poppycock). Today our legislatures and appointed government officials are largely feckless, rudderless, and the “elected” ones are mostly owned by oligarchs, not really chosen by the voters. We have not had a leader in the White House with a true courage of conviction for the Constitution, (much less "truth, justice and the American way&quot , in my lifetime.

Bernie Sanders ain't no Polish-American my friends. And he ain't no Superman, nor even a Socialist Jew. He's just an American like any of us, but he is also a long-serving United States Senator who truly wants democracy and fairness and equity and freedom for all of us. He's been striving for decades to champion those ideals and prevent their being eroded away from the foundations of our nation. I have never seen a presidential candidate with more courage and honesty and love for these United States. He might very well be our last hope to pull our "democracy" back from the brink. He wants to give us a chance for a Political revolution, to help us chart a revised course for our nation that’s more in keeping with the legendary ideals of our "founding fathers". It’s called Participatory Democracy (or Social Democracy). But the current political machine in the US which we call "the establishment", no longer suffers easily any exercise of true democracy. Indeed our “two-party” system has melded into an immovable object, which may simply not allow democracy at all anymore. Big Data, Citizens United SuperPACs, “legal” speaking fees, voting suppression and fraud in many flavors, SuperDelegates, Electoral college, Gerrymandering, and countless other devious manipulations of the electorate’s will all conspire against us.

Still, we should try with all our collective might at the ballot box, to get Bernie Sanders elected to the Presidency. And to the maximum extent possible, we must also purge the down-ticket in both parties, of all who sell their influence rather than serve their constituents, and replace them with congressmen who believe in democracy. Bernie often reminds us that we are the 99% and that if we stand together, we can accomplish anything. After all, 99% would be an irresistible force, even against the immovable machine.

We may not get another chance to save our “democratic” country from Plutocracy, without a revolution of the bloodier kind.
March 14, 2016

PPP Poll: Tues Primaries Tighten

Ohio, Illinois, & Missouri Primaries tighten to toss-ups (Sanders leads in MO)
Clinton still strong in the south (FL & NC)

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