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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 7,554

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This Ukraine thing could help Joe Biden.

It puts foreign policy (Joes strong suit) front and center.
It makes Joe a sympathetic figure with Giuliani going after one of Bidenís sons not that long after his other son had died.
It creates a more chaotic atmosphere around Trump. And I think the more chaos the better for Biden because the country (and many Dems in the primary) will want a stable influence to offset Trumps years of lunacy and constant crisis.

Rudy Guiliani will be on CNN with Cuomo at 9pm Eastern.

I canít watch all of his lies about Ukraine.
Maybe one of you can take one for the team and watch it.

A ? For the 36% Undecideds here.

How far along are you in the decision making process?
Wide open?
Narrowed down to 4-5?
Narrowed down to 2-3?

Thanks, in advance, for your response.

These state polls might move me from Warren to Biden.

I am more liberal than Biden.
Iím actually more liberal than Warren.
I support her for many of her policies and because our country is way past due for a woman.

However, my overwhelming concern for our democracy is ridding the country of Trump.
I simply canít fathom the amount of damage and theft he could accomplish by 2024.
So, ELECTABILITY is number one with me.
Number two for me is to have a Prez nominee that can help us in some key states to take back the Senate and take the Turtles 🐢 reign of terror away.
The biggest opportunities for us to flip the expected needed four seats are in Colorado, Arizona, NCarolina, and Maine.

The most important swing states to win the Presidency are to bring back home to the blue side:
Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and to possibly turn these purple ones: NCarolina, Florida, Iowa (and possibly even the longer shots, the slightly red: Arizona, Ohio, Georgia, Texas).

So, once we winnow the Dem primary field in February or March, I will be keeping a very keen eye out of polling numbers in the states listed above.
If thereís a big difference in Bidenís numbers and Warrens numbers, I could very well Vote with my head for Biden in my states March primary. But, if those numbers are relatively close, I will vote with my heart for Warren.

Does anybody feel the way that I do?

? For those in AZ, NC, ME, CO.

We need these four states to take back the Senate.
If you live in one of them, please tell me which Prez candidate you think would most help the Dem Senate candidate in your state.

Bring a Bernie Backer to a Warren Rally.

Somebody ran this past me.
It was somebody who was a Bernie supporter but still had an interest in Warren.
She went to a Warren rally and flipped.
She told me that she believes that a lot of Bernie people would be open to switching if they could see and hear Elizabeth in person.
So maybe those of us who live in cities where Warren has a rally should try to bring a Sanders supporter with us?

I will be our nominees biggest cheerleader 📣.

Even though I prefer a woman, no matter who our nominee is they will have my full and unconditional support. I will travel to a swing state or do whatever is humanly possible to put a Democrat back in the White House.
Who is with me?

I'm headed to Vegas. I know what our ticket will be.

You might want to place a side bet on my advice.
Our ticket will be:
Elizabeth Warren/Cory Booker or Andrew Gillum
Joe Biden/Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams
Iím gonna place several bets with those combinations.

Now, please, my fellow Dem soothsayers tell me if Iím on track and should bet the mortgage or way off base and should just go see Wayne Newton instead of betting.

Who will have best and worst performances tonight.

Iím gonna go down the popularity scale and say Beto will say f it and be best (as Melanoma would say) and Yang will make a big announcement that the media will pan as the worst moment.

CNN or MSNBC should hold GOP Pres debates.

4 states, so far, have cancelled their GOP primaries so that Trump wonít be embarrassed.
I think that some cable network should invite all 4 Republicans to a debate and then have an empty podium for Trump next to Weld, Walsh, and Sanford.
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