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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: gulfcoast
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 08:00 PM
Number of posts: 11,949

Journal Archives

The wife wore her pearls to work today!

Last night we saw a news article interviewing 2 of Kamalaís sorority sister. Apparently wearing pearls is a thing for them, showing class and dignity. As older white folks we had no clue.

We never discussed it and my wife is pretty non political compared to me. And keeps her feelings to herself, unlike me!

I was pleasantly surprised when she came out of the bedroom to go to work, as she seldom wears pearls.

I never said a word but I now know that as a 60 year old female she was moved finally having a female in such a high position.

Made my morning.

For the first time in 11 Presidential elections I've voted in I am wearing a candidate's gear.

A Biden Hat. Never felt the need before. Why? I asked myself and the answer was surprising.

Iím a 54 year old white dude. Southern. I fish, hunt, obviously own guns, drive a truck, wear boots and wranglers. And while only 5í11Ē am not small. Not fat but as we say down here, stout.

If you saw me getting out of my rig at Publix you would expect me to be trump supporter. Most like me do support him.

I just wanted people to know that guys like me can be social democrats and proud members of the Democratic Party. Ridiculous? The wife certainly thinks so! But I want people to know guys like me are sometimes Democrats.

Sorry for the crazy post. Had an incident at Publix yesterday that moved me to make this post.

Yíall have a nice Sunday. We are taking the boat to the gulf for a week of fishing and beach life. No matter what happens Tuesday, I will be fishing on the gulf. Life goes on.

Looks to me like some in the FBI are trying to insure a fair election.

The whole Bullshit story about Hunter Bidenís supposed computers really had a chance of blowing up.

But surprisingly, within a day or 2 of the news hitting the FBI has seized them and investigating them as Russian disinformation. And that information got out, which is highly unusual. Normally the FBI is mum till they have an indictment. Now this wonít stop the serious nut jobs from talking about it. But they are a lost cause anyway. But it will give serious pause to not only serious news outlets but those directly involved.

Oleí Rudy could end up in the Pokey if he is not careful. It would not be too difficult for the FBI to prove it was a set up especially if the repairman sings. Which you know he already is doing. And we know Rudy is careless with his commutation. If he was involved with inventing the plan he will do time.

Because I'm dense I need some help about donating to Joe.

Iím still furloughed from work although the wife has been back since June. We are in no way hurting compared to many Americans but things are tight enough that besides buying some Biden merchandise I could not justify giving this round.

However, after hearing Joe tonight Iím giving up Cigars for a month and using that money to contribute. I want it to be on the DU Link not just the normal Biden site. Can someone tell me how to do it. Send me the link.

Thanks in advance. And apologies for having to ask.

Shut a trumper today. And it felt good. Even my wife of 33 years was impressed.

We went to Breweries in Sanford Florida with a good friend. She is the only one inside our Ďbubbleí. Works with the wife although from home 4/5 days.

Anyway we are at the bar with just the masked young, cute bartender and one other customer 15 feet away who was young and obviously flirting with the bartender. Nothing inappropriate. Believe me it was safe. When another middle aged couple came in. Heavyish woman and the man way probably a little bigger than me. They had hardly been there 5 minutes when he said this whole virus will disappear in November. His wife said there may be Democrats in here so be careful. 6 months ago I would have not said a word, but no more. I told him there are 3 democrats Right here and I came to drink beer, not listen to bullshit. He shut his pie hole right up. Told him we can agree about good beer if he wants and he was all about that. We left shortly thereafter as we had another brewery to visit.

As we walked away my wife asked me what was that about. Told here I was not going to sit there and listen to a bunch of republican bullshit. Then told her, verbatim Ďthey are fucking cowards. Unless they outnumber us they clam right up.Ē

Wonít change his mind. But now he knows not to assume that guys who look like him welcome his bullshit.

Never had a hang-over scare me this much!

So I stayed up well past midnight reading DU. Any of you that I responded to please excuse me if I was not my normally polite self! I drank more wine than I realized and smoked too many cigars.

Anyway, I had to get up early this morning to smoke a pork shoulder for pulled pork. It takes 12 hours. Independence Day is tomorrow you know.

So now Iíve got a feeling I used to know well. Kind of a headache, scratchy but not really sore throat. Tired. The whole nine yards. And Iím sitting in the garage tending my smoker and worrying. Which is stupid because I know the reason I feel less than optimum.

I just realized that one of the thing I hate the most about the virus is anytime I feel in anyway off, as all 54 year old men do at times, I get worried Iíve got it.

Yíall stay safe. Vote like your life depends on it because apparently it does.

I'm almost out of isopropyl Alcohol. But I got lucky.

So this not a serious political discussion. But is where most of us are right now. And politics is pretty set for us anyway. Keeping safe is where we are.

You canít get hand sanitizer and as a kind of liberal redneck guy with a science education I have been opting for carrying around a freezer zippy with a stout paper towel saturated with alcohol to wipe down everything I touch. I mean everything. And a half bottle had lasted me over a week. But I was almost out and that is an issue. You canít buy that shit anywhere.

My wife does not need to get this as she is pushing 60 with a history of pneumonia and I am the one going out to buy groceries and such and I also have to work every day. Critical infrastructure stuff. Luckily she is working from home and still getting paid.

Tonight I went into our local ABC liquor store and scored a 1.75 liter of 151 ever clear. Will cut it with 50 proof vodka to give me 3 liters of sanitizer. So in my older years Iím using beverages that I used to use to get loose to help keep my wife I have loved for 33 years safe.

Iím not at all surprised we are having a pandemic. Science had predicted it for years. But Iím repulsed at the response of the current administration. But not surprised

But life goes on. We pulled the boat over to the gulf and went fishing. And caught dinner.

Just thought it was crazy I was thrilled at scoring booze to run over my hands and everything they touch. There is an irony there.

Now I have to find something I can mix into the ever clear/vodka to make it seem I am not a drunk! Thinking peppermint oil.

Yíall stay safe.

Interesting conversation overheard in the barber shop

Went to get a haircut this morning. Old fashioned place not a salon.

5 other people in the office barbers included, all trump supporters as are most of the white males of my age group in Lake County. . The first thing I heard was one of the barbers explaining how the virus is and engineered disease made by combining SARS with the cold virus. I thought, here they go.

Then one of the said Trump is really screwing this up even though I support him. The guy who said it is a roofing contractor and an Airborne veteran if the stickers on his truck are to believed. I was shocked when they all agreed with him. My barber said I voted for him but if he does not get a handle on this he wonít be re-elected. I had said nothing the whole time because I generally do not engage in these types of scenarios. But my barber asked what I thought. All I said was that this is the first real crisis he did not create himself and you cannot bully or out tweet a virus. No one disagreed.

Now, they are all real concerned about the theme parks closing which would kill their businesses since we live in the Orlando area. Our economy is under tremendous threat.

Anyway, at least some of them have started questioning. I expected they all will end up voting for him but even if 5 percent of his base sits it out he is in trouble.

Thought I would share since it is the first time in 3 years I have heard any of his supporters questioning him at all.

I wonder if President Obama is changing his calculation.

I think he fully intended to wait to the primaries are over to endorse. But Iím thinking now if Joe wins Michigan and Washington he many move up the timetable.

It is apparent Bernie is taking this into the gutter. His endorsement would not stop it. But would make clear it is not being done by democrats. He canít want another 2016 and his endorsement would likely secure Biden a majority of the delegates.

Representative Clyburn may well book end his life with great acts for America.

As a young man fighting for full Civil Rights for all Americans. Near the end of his career launching the campaign which will beat the most Authoritarian President America has ever seen.

And the entire life in between filled with service to the people.

I saw him on TV tonight and was moved with admiration.
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