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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: gulfcoast
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 08:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,865

Journal Archives

I'm almost out of isopropyl Alcohol. But I got lucky.

So this not a serious political discussion. But is where most of us are right now. And politics is pretty set for us anyway. Keeping safe is where we are.

You canít get hand sanitizer and as a kind of liberal redneck guy with a science education I have been opting for carrying around a freezer zippy with a stout paper towel saturated with alcohol to wipe down everything I touch. I mean everything. And a half bottle had lasted me over a week. But I was almost out and that is an issue. You canít buy that shit anywhere.

My wife does not need to get this as she is pushing 60 with a history of pneumonia and I am the one going out to buy groceries and such and I also have to work every day. Critical infrastructure stuff. Luckily she is working from home and still getting paid.

Tonight I went into our local ABC liquor store and scored a 1.75 liter of 151 ever clear. Will cut it with 50 proof vodka to give me 3 liters of sanitizer. So in my older years Iím using beverages that I used to use to get loose to help keep my wife I have loved for 33 years safe.

Iím not at all surprised we are having a pandemic. Science had predicted it for years. But Iím repulsed at the response of the current administration. But not surprised

But life goes on. We pulled the boat over to the gulf and went fishing. And caught dinner.

Just thought it was crazy I was thrilled at scoring booze to run over my hands and everything they touch. There is an irony there.

Now I have to find something I can mix into the ever clear/vodka to make it seem I am not a drunk! Thinking peppermint oil.

Yíall stay safe.

Interesting conversation overheard in the barber shop

Went to get a haircut this morning. Old fashioned place not a salon.

5 other people in the office barbers included, all trump supporters as are most of the white males of my age group in Lake County. . The first thing I heard was one of the barbers explaining how the virus is and engineered disease made by combining SARS with the cold virus. I thought, here they go.

Then one of the said Trump is really screwing this up even though I support him. The guy who said it is a roofing contractor and an Airborne veteran if the stickers on his truck are to believed. I was shocked when they all agreed with him. My barber said I voted for him but if he does not get a handle on this he wonít be re-elected. I had said nothing the whole time because I generally do not engage in these types of scenarios. But my barber asked what I thought. All I said was that this is the first real crisis he did not create himself and you cannot bully or out tweet a virus. No one disagreed.

Now, they are all real concerned about the theme parks closing which would kill their businesses since we live in the Orlando area. Our economy is under tremendous threat.

Anyway, at least some of them have started questioning. I expected they all will end up voting for him but even if 5 percent of his base sits it out he is in trouble.

Thought I would share since it is the first time in 3 years I have heard any of his supporters questioning him at all.

I wonder if President Obama is changing his calculation.

I think he fully intended to wait to the primaries are over to endorse. But Iím thinking now if Joe wins Michigan and Washington he many move up the timetable.

It is apparent Bernie is taking this into the gutter. His endorsement would not stop it. But would make clear it is not being done by democrats. He canít want another 2016 and his endorsement would likely secure Biden a majority of the delegates.

Representative Clyburn may well book end his life with great acts for America.

As a young man fighting for full Civil Rights for all Americans. Near the end of his career launching the campaign which will beat the most Authoritarian President America has ever seen.

And the entire life in between filled with service to the people.

I saw him on TV tonight and was moved with admiration.

So what is Barr's next move?

Todayís testimony is still in the spin cycle, but it was devastating to trump and shows Barr as a lying SOB. No spin can change that. It is there on tape for everyone to see. Muellerís answers to Schiff will be seen.

You just know trump has already called him. Probably multiple times.

I have no clue. But I canít believe he wonít take some action. If I had a guess I would post it.

I think he would prefer to be silent but he is too far in to ignore his masters commands.

Just put my Flag out.

Got home from work and debated it. Then got pissed and decided I will not let them steal one of my favorite holidays.

Up it went.

Can the crowd make a farce of trump on Thursday?

DC and surrounding areas are not exactly trump country.

This has been an annual non-partisan tradition for these families forever. Many of them have to be pissed.

How hard to organize a group chant while he speaks?

Being childless a 20 minute chant of ĎFuck Youí would be my preference. But understanding that would problematic, how about a continual sing-song chanting of Liar?

I canít believe that crowd is going to sit there and politely listen.

I fully expect Barr to call a press conference tomorrow.

The damage of what Mueller said today, while slowly being realized by many canít be allowed to grow without official condemnation.

It wonít work. But he has no choice. He has lost the narrative.

Tuesday was not the endgame. Just the beginning.

Not only are trump and the republicans beginning to understand what our victory in the House meant, so are many democrats, including those of us on DU.

Upcoming we have Felix Slater, all the people Cohen mentioned and seemingly trumps spawn. And who knows who else.

Our representatives have sat for two years and heard and read classified info that paints the entire Administration is a criminal light but could say nothing.

And the republicans never in a million years thought they would lose the House. They thought the Tax Cut was the Silver Bullet. And the Senate was always safe for them in 18.

But we rallied to the cause, steamrolled the house and they have no Plan B.

As we learned last year, even at the objective of the Intelligence Community or even the Administration, the House Intelligence Committee can vote to make any Classified Information public.

What we saw from Chairman Cummings was an Amuse Bouche. And a delicious one at that.

But Chairman Schiff is an experienced prosecutor, not a career politician. He is pissed and is going to Fuck Trump sideways. Sorry for the obscenity, but in this case it seemed appropriate.

I think we are missing the most damaging aspects of the shutdown to the right...

And I hope it gets played up.

For years the right, and not just the far right, have derided Ďbig governmentí. You donít just hear it on hate radio and Fox but commentators on mainstream news.

So we shut down only 1/3 of the government and in 3 weeks all hell starts breaking out. No flights, food inspection, coast guard, farm payments, new wine and beer releases. You get the idea.

I hope we hear some of our representatives pushing this narrative. For almost 40 years, since Reagan, this has been the prevailing narrative. Now we have concrete examples of why that narrative is bullshit.
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