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Attacking her Democratic primary opponent on guns is not new for Hillary

But in 2008 she attacked from the other side. Back then, Hillary was campaigning as such a gun lover that Barack Obama referred to her as Annie Oakley. #WhichHillary


Posted by BernieforPres2016 | Thu Apr 7, 2016, 12:30 AM (2 replies)

New Marist Poll: Sanders leads Clinton 49-47 nationally

Among Democrats and Democratic leaning Independents.


Bernie leads Hillary 2 to 1 among Democrats and Democratic leading Independents age 45 and under. Hillary's strategy of condescending to young people is going over really well.

“The difference between support for Sanders and Clinton is generational,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “Other distinctions blur when you account for a voter’s age.”

I'm happy to not be with my generation on this.
Posted by BernieforPres2016 | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:46 PM (8 replies)

Bernie is right. The business model of Wall Street is fraud.

"Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?" Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone (the person who wrote the best pieces on the financial crisis IMO)


<Over drinks at a bar on a dreary, snowy night in Washington this past month, a former Senate investigator laughed as he polished off his beer.

"Everything's fucked up, and nobody goes to jail," he said. "That's your whole story right there. Hell, you don't even have to write the rest of it. Just write that."

I put down my notebook. "Just that?"

"That's right," he said, signaling to the waitress for the check. "Everything's fucked up, and nobody goes to jail. You can end the piece right there.">

<The systematic lack of regulation has left even the country's top regulators frustrated. Lynn Turner, a former chief accountant for the SEC, laughs darkly at the idea that the criminal justice system is broken when it comes to Wall Street. "I think you've got a wrong assumption — that we even have a law-enforcement agency when it comes to Wall Street," he says.>

There is one case after another in this article of corruption by major Wall Street executives that the government refused to prosecute. In one case, an SEC employee that tried to pursue a near cut and dried case of insider trading against the CEO of a major Wall Street bank was fired. The SEC employee was later awarded $755,000 for wrongful termination.

Posted by BernieforPres2016 | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:06 PM (7 replies)

William Greider: Hillary Clinton is Whitewashing the Financial Catastrophe


<Candidate Clinton is essentially whitewashing the financial catastrophe. She has produced a clumsy rewrite of what caused the 2008 collapse, one that conveniently leaves her husband out of the story. He was the president who legislated the predicate for Wall Street’s meltdown. Hillary Clinton’s redefinition of the reform problem deflects the blame from Wall Street’s most powerful institutions, like JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs and instead fingers less celebrated players that failed. In roundabout fashion, Hillary Clinton sounds like she is assuring old friends and donors in the financial sector that, if she becomes president, she will not come after them.

The seminal event that sowed financial disaster was the repeal of the New Deal’s Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, which had separated banking into different realms: investment banks, which organize capital investors for risk-taking ventures; and deposit-holding banks, which serve people as borrowers and lenders. That law’s repeal, a great victory for Wall Street, was delivered by Bill Clinton in 1999, assisted by the Federal Reserve and the financial sector’s armies of lobbyists. The “universal banking model” was saluted as a modernizing reform that liberated traditional banks to participate directly and indirectly in long-prohibited and vastly more profitable risk-taking.

Exotic financial instruments like derivatives and credit-default swaps flourished, enabling old-line bankers to share in the fun and profit on an awesome scale. The banks invented “guarantees” against loss and sold them to both companies and market players. The fast-expanding financial sector claimed a larger and larger share of the economy (and still does) at the expense of the real economy of producers and consumers. The interconnectedness across market sectors created the illusion of safety. When illusions failed, these connected guarantees became the dragnet that drove panic in every direction. Ultimately, the federal government had to rescue everyone, foreign and domestic, to stop the bleeding.

Yet Hillary Clinton asserts in her Times op-ed that repeal of Glass-Steagall had nothing to do with it. She claims that Glass-Steagall would not have limited the reckless behavior of institutions like Lehman Brothers or insurance giant AIG, which were not traditional banks. Her argument amounts to facile evasion that ignores the interconnected exposures. The Federal Reserve spent $180 billion bailing out AIG so AIG could pay back Goldman Sachs and other banks. If the Fed hadn’t acted and had allowed AIG to fail, the banks would have gone down too.>

The article also includes the now revised opinions on 2 major bankers from when Glass-Steagall was repealed during the Clinton administration who now say it was a mistake: former Citibank CEOs John Reed and Sandy Weill.

Hillary still refuses to admit that even as former bankers do. The millions of dollars pouring into her campaign, SuperPacs and the Clinton Foundation from Wall Street override the best interests of the country.
Posted by BernieforPres2016 | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 10:47 PM (7 replies)

The scorched earth Clinton campaign promised last night seems exaggerated

Either they never intended to do it or changed their mind.

What they've done today is to put Hillary out today for friendly interviews with scripted questions (Morning Joe and Chris Cuomo of CNN asked virtually the same questions) and to have their allies in the press follow the Clinton lead on going after Bernie on the NY Daily News interview on the same points the Clinton campaign is trying to push.

It is all a transparent ploy by the Clinton campaign, with the full support of her MSM allies, to immediately get the news cycle off of Bernie's easy victory in Wisconsin, his wins in 6 of the last 7 primaries by wide margins, and both his fundraising and the crowds at his rallies dwarfing Hillary's as they head to New York.
Posted by BernieforPres2016 | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 02:34 PM (4 replies)

Hillary on CNN: "Successful Presidents hit the ground running."

Right Hillary, like Bill did. He appointed you to lead the effort to achieve healthcare reform, which you botched. He passed NAFTA, which you later claimed his administration inherited. He said he couldn't deliver that middle class tax cut he had campaigned on and pushed through a tax increase that passed by one vote in the House (without one Republican vote) that doomed many Democrats who voted for it. Then we had the Republican rout in his first midterm election which brought us Republican control of both houses of Congress for the first time in 40 years, Speaker Gingrich and The Contract With America.

Bill really hit the ground running.

Then Hillary brought Dick Morris into the White House to advise Bill, the progressives among his advisors were walled off, and his policies took a sharp turn to the right with financial deregulation, the Crime Bill, the Welfare Reform Bill and the Telecommunications Bill. And the Democratic Party abandoned its legacy of FDR to became the second party of business and big money, which it has remained to this day.
Posted by BernieforPres2016 | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 01:26 PM (35 replies)

I have tipped ActBlue for the last time

I have made several online contributions to Bernie's campaign via ActBlue and tipped them on some of those contributions. This morning I got an email from ActBlue that made no reference to Bernie or his campaign. It was titled "Outrage" and was about Trump and the Republicans and will I make a monthly contribution to support Democrat candidates against the Republicans? In other words, support the same Democratic Party establishment that is doing everything it can to defeat the Bernie Sanders campaign which I am supporting. I clicked on unsubscribe from their mailings and it asked for my email and an explanation. I gave them a very colorful explanation but am not going to repeat it here.
Posted by BernieforPres2016 | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 12:21 PM (7 replies)

Looks like Hillary blew off CNN

They have been had banners on the screen since last night that Hillary would be speaking to them at 11:15 EDT this morning. She never showed up and they just showed her starting to speak at some type of event in Philadelphia.

But I'm sure CNN will continue to do her bidding and she will make it up to them.
Posted by BernieforPres2016 | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:56 AM (14 replies)

Hillary's strategy of "feeling sorry" for young voters didn't work too well in Wisconsin

She only lost by 84-16 among 18-24 year old voters, 79-20 among 25-29, and 69-31 among 30-39.

With regard to the not doing their research and just relying on what people tell them charge by Hillary, it turns out that in Wisconsin Hillary voters are less educated than Bernie voters. Hillary won 50-49 among people with a high school education or less. Bernie won 63-37 among college graduates.

When asked if they think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy, Wisconsin Democratic Primary voters said yes by 58% to 39%. When asked if they think Bernie Sanders is honest and trustworthy, they said yes by 89% to 10%.
Posted by BernieforPres2016 | Wed Apr 6, 2016, 11:47 AM (27 replies)

Gotta love Hillary/Chelsea/IAC's Daily Beast Headline

"Bernie Sanders Wins Wisconsin, Changes Nothing"

Posted by BernieforPres2016 | Tue Apr 5, 2016, 11:22 PM (2 replies)
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