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Member since: Wed Mar 16, 2016, 03:00 AM
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Can we drop the "Bernie pushed Hillary to the left" meme?

Hillary has always been on the left on many issues... just because you can pick out certain issues that may viewed as being a centrist or to the right (the same way you can do with Obama or 95% of the democrats in the congress), doesn't mean she hasn't always had positions that were to the left.

The main reason Hillary said she didn't need to adopt Bernie's platform is that her policy position on her website (https://www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/) are left wing.

Understandably, in the primaries, we magnify the differences between our candidates, but in comparison to the republicans... hillary's stance to 90% of issues are clearly to the left.

Being apathetic towards a bigot getting elected = White privilege?

When reading this politico article, the biggest part that stuck out to me was this section:

Minority voters have been watching in horror as millions of Republican voters choose Trump either because of, or despite, his open bigotry. The Sanders supporters who toy with the idea of shunning Clinton in November and allowing Trump to become president to force a revolution that Sanders couldnít deliver are playing with fire. To minority voters, Trumpís candidacy feels like an existential threat.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/06/2016-bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-democrats-race-racial-divide-213948#ixzz4BAxZFizo

When I see Bernie or Busters giddily play around with the possibility of Trump getting elected, I'm stuck with the sense that it has to be (outside of the trolls) a mostly white-liberal movement. There certainly can't be a lot of Hispanic liberals who think the choice between Hillary or Trump is inconsequential... nor could I it be something that most Muslims would shrug at. Even though Trump hasn't done a lot of direct attacks on blacks, I can't see a lot blacks signing up for that movement either.

This isn't to say that are no minorities that are BoB, but I'm thinking this group is probably dominated by white males who have little to lose of Trump gets elected. A demographic breakdown of this group in future polling should be very revealing.

The majority of the faithful are losing or have lost hope, when do you predict Bernie will concede?

After looking through reddit, pro-Bernie sites, FB and other places where Bernie supporters congregate... very few are holding on to the idea that Bernie has any chance of winning the nomination outside of an unlikely Hillary indictment. The media is also pulling no punches in saying the race is over. It's going to be pretty much impossible for Bernie to carry on the charade that he has any realistic chance of winning. When do you think he's going to finally throw in the towel?

My prediction is it will probably be before the vote totals come in from DC... but looking at the demographics, he's going to get blown out of the water, so not sure he'll have a chance to get ahead of that announcement... but around that time, it will be painfully obvious he has absolutely no path to victory and he'll have to try to save face soon. Dragging it on to the convention will just make him a pariah, I think he's smart enough to avoid that.

The media has a history of counting superdelegates before the convention

They counted them before the convention in 2008:

They counted them before the convention in 2004:

There's not a lot of search results for 2000 and prior, but I'll assume that factoring in superdelegates is anything but a new phenomena.

Can we please stop acting as if the media is only tabulating superdelegates votes because they are somehow working for the Clinton campaign and want to steal the election from Bernie? Anyone making this claim obviously doesn't care about the truth of the matter.

Hillary's new anti-Trump ad. You guys really think she's going to have a hard time against this guy?

Hillary moving into GE mode is showing that she has a very clear path to defeating Donald Trump. Simply holding his feet to the fire for all of the crazy shit he's been saying before and after the republican primary.

The same stuff that played well for him the primary is going to destroy him in the general... if we show even a modicum of unity, he'll get steamrolled in the electoral college.

Other than Hillary, who do you think should be locked up for violating email protocol?

Every time I tell a Bernie supporter (or secret republican) that I don't give a shit about Hillary's emails, they start ranting about how it's some prison worthy offense. So I ask, what is the precedent? Who has been locked up for doing the same thing that Hillary has done?

Bernie or Bust equals a pro-Trump movement after the convention if BS in not the nominee

who do they think will win if the majority of democrats and left leaning independent don't rally around Hillary? Is anyone under the illusion that if they stay home, write-in or do anything in November other than vote for Hillary that they are not doing everything in their power to prevent Trump from being nominated?
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