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Member since: Fri Jul 22, 2016, 07:06 PM
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How many excuses has dipshit donnie used for not releasing his tax returns

And how many times has he said he would release them? I'm sure this isn't a full list, but just a small sample.

In 2011 he said he would release his tax returns if President Obama showed his long form birth certificate. Well the President did and dipshit lied he didn't release them. Is that one reason he won't admit President Obama was born in the U.S.? He made that promise back then. So also another case of breaking promises along with the lie.

In 2014 he said he would definitely release his tax returns if he ran for prez. After he entered the race he changed his story again. Making the 2014 statement a lie.

In January he said he was almost ready to release his big beautiful tax returns. He lied again.

Lately it has been the lawyers ate my tax returns excuse and he won't release them until the audit is over. If he is still being audited all the way to 2009 I wouldn't expect him to ever release any tax records. He will always have a excuse. He will always try to put out new excuses. If he ever became prez. he would be the "dog ate my homework" in chief.

Old houses

ctyankee brought it up about the old houses with sash weights in the window. I don't want to divert his thread so making a new one.

I loved the old house I had moved up by the lake. It what was called a shotgun house. Since it was a week end place it stayed shut down a lot of the year. It was a lot cheaper to pay for the old house and having it moved up there. All the rework we did ourselves so the total budget wasn't much. Ended up selling to get our present house with all the insulation, double pane windows, etc. . I don't know if we will try it again. But have thought about it.

It sounds like there are a fair amount of old house lovers here.
Just some random thoughts. Also some random questions just for fun.
How many here still have attic fans? Those really worked great especially if the doors had the little windows above them. Even if you don't still have them have you changed out belts on them? If a old motor got up there and put 3 in 1 oil in the little spouts by the bearings?

How is the house you had or have set up? With a basement? Up on blocks? If up on blocks how many times have you leveled the floor?
And what do you do on houses with basements? Since I live down south never had any experience with that.

Anyways just kind of a open thread on your experiences with them.

My wife got a email from dipshit's caampaign

Not going to copy the whole thing over to here. Had one of the you got to do this now kind of sales pitch.

"But you only have 24 hours to enter."

A couple things funny about it. First they want you to donate just 3$ for a "chance" to win a fundraiser dinner with dipshit.

Edit: BTW there is no opt out option on the email. Just like the one from his son the other day.

The last part was really funny. The small print at the bottom. I wonder if I get a free subscription to dipshit magazine? Oh that's right it's bankrupt.

"No purchase, payment, or contribution necessary to enter or win. Contributing will not improve your chances of winning. Void where prohibited. You may enter by contributing to Trump Make America Great Again Committee by clicking here. Alternatively, you may enter without contributing by clicking here. Entries must be received between August 17, 2016 at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time and September 30, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. One (1) winner will receive the following Prize: Round trip airfare for the winner and the winner's guest to and from Destination, hotel accommodations for one (1) night, ground transportation at Sponsor’s discretion, and dinner with Donald J. Trump (approximate retail value $2,000). The Promotion is open only to U.S. citizens, or lawful permanent U.S. residents who are legal residents (green card holders) of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia and are at least 18 years of age (or the age of majority under applicable law). Winner must be 18 or older (or of majority under applicable law) and meet other requirements as described in the Official Rules. Promotion subject to Official Rules and additional restrictions on eligibility may apply. Visit here for full details and Official Rules. Sponsor: Trump Make America Great Again Committee, 138 Conant Street, 2nd Floor, Beverly, MA 01915.

Contributions to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee are not deductible for federal income tax purposes."

Trump calls Saudi Prince Dopey. Hillary is right he can be baited by a tweet

Okay that caught your attention. This is from the Newsweek article. Bite sizing for mass consumption. It was a good article a lot of people have talked about the same problem here. It is fleshed out and goes in to more detail. But for the internet, twitter, etc. The article needs to be broken down in small bits.

Edit added link to article on newsweek below.


Edit adding a full suggestion of how this could be used from my post below.

Trump calls Saudi Prince Dopey. Hillary is right he can be baited by a tweet
After Trump calling for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S.
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal tweeted that Trump was a "disgrace"
Trumps response was

“Dopey Prince @Alwaleed_Talal wants to control our U.S. politicians with daddy’s money. Can’t do it when I get elected. #Trump2016.”

When they say they denounce Duke. Ask them why they advertise on twitter for the white supremist?

Dipshit donnie have been posting stuff from their sites advertising for them. So what kind of denouncement is that? We denounce him, but while you are thinking about that meet pepe the frog.

Take a knee and dipshit donnie says they need to leave the country

I have always believed the most important thing for a U.S. citizen is the basic belief in the fundamental tenets of the Constitution. Not the rituals which have developed over time. Rituals do help form a bond among people. But they aren't the essential common cause. The first seven words of the Constitution should mean more then any ritual. We the people of the United States. It doesn't say I the people or some of the people who do xxxx. It doesn't say We the people who are like me. It's all of us. To me as long as there is a basic respect of people and the recognition that others may not agree with every thing someone says. It is a basic right. When they took a knee that was a peaceful protest.

Neat but scary e. coli experiment

First just as a friendly request. There already is a couple threads on vaccines. This could be a related but separate subject please if you want to talk about vaccines use one of those threads.

The Harvard Medical School did a experiment involving e. coli. They made a 2' by 4' petri dish. They put agar divided in to 7 segments. The 2 outside segments had no antibiotic. The next section had just the minimum amount to kill the e. coli. Then each section the antibiotic percentage was raised by 10 fold.

Now to the neat part at least to me. It shows a really good example of new strains evolving across the time span of the video. The diagram of strains toward the end really shows the strength of diversity in evolution.

The scary part. The ease and speed of the mutations across the petri dish. There was a large amount of e. coli so kind of expected but still spooky. Remembering that people will start a course of antibiotics then not finish their prescription as prescribed by their doctor essentially does the same thing but in slower motion. The over prescribing of antibiotics also can create "super bugs" The normal use of antibiotics in our food chain. I know there are economic reasons for it. But it really needs to be addressed.

Personal feelings on the subject. Antibiotics have saved so many lives they have a important part and need to be used. But there does need to be more consideration on the automatic use of them both for people and anumals. People who start out a prescription of antibiotics need to make sure they complete the prescription.

Here is the link for more information and the video. It really is worth watching and reading.


Chelsea needs to move

The media just made her apartment a target for dipshit donnie followers.

CNN had a guardian news person on

Showing pictures of Hillary around 9/11. That is someone who cares and shows what presidential means. Dipshit donnie was just interested in making money and getting his 150k for his small business.

Edit to add: Really good interview. Short but good. Talking about how the New York fire fighters thought really highly of her and how she related to them. I know if her campaign came out with this it would have repub's screaming she is using 9/11 for political reasons. But I hope the news media has more like this interview.

How many dipshit donnie surrogates and lawyers were with the repub platform committee?

Okay, tin foil hat warning. So please humor me.

Mainly wondering about how many of his lawyers he had there. If I remember correctly a article said he had close to a hundred lawyers sitting in with the platform committee. I also am not sure if the veracity of the claim was correct. I have tried doing some google searches but haven't come up with anything on it. I have found the reports of the surrogates and lawyers essentially bullying some of the committee members to add stuff like the nato and Ukraine parts in. But From what I saw on the fec campaign filings I don't see corresponding payroll numbers for that. I can assume some may be volunteering time. But the question then becomes what special interest or why they would be volunteering to insure it is part of the platform? Is there any russian links? Between boris and manfart there could a connection. Or did he pay for it out of private funds which I am pretty sure would be a fec violation. I doubt if it would be from him.
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