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Member since: Mon Sep 26, 2016, 12:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,848

Journal Archives

The vote has started!

I still believe Kavanaugh won't be confirmed...

It can't end like this. What are the scenarios that could still prevent this atroscity from taking place?

For those of you who think former president...

Bush is an ok guy. It has been confirmed he called senator Collins to secure her vote for Kavenaugh. He may be out of office but he is still harming this country.

Are you considering immigrating to Canada?

I'm guessing this might be the last straw for many people. How hard is it?

Can we please stop saying...

someone has something on people in congress as the reason why they do what they do? Don't make excuses for there unconscionable behavior! No, the repubs are not being blackmailed or otherwise manipulated. This is who they are - which is far worse than being blackmailed.

Just a reminder that Al Franken was railroaded!

I can't help but feel he would be a great voice at this time... We miss you Al.

NATO summit: Trump accuses Germany of being a 'captive of Russia'

Oh the irony.


Trump: Supreme Court pick will be a 'home run' - Add your translation.

Trump is boasting the supreme court pick will be a "Home Run":


Anyone care you translate this for me?!?

Just a reminder that Al Franken was railroaded!

I for one would like to have his voice in America about now. His words were always reassuring and encouraging at the same time. He is missed.


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