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Member since: Mon Dec 5, 2016, 04:05 PM
Number of posts: 3,328

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Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize

and Donald Trump needs to be made aware of that fact.

I feel guilty wanting to prod a mentally-ill person to act crazy, but for the sake of our nation, I think the fastest, maybe the only, way we're going to get him out of office is to push and push until the Republicans--because it has to be his own party that does it--can't take it any more.

Is it possible

that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions would feel himself under such scrutiny (especially after the Women's March) that he might actually be afraid *not* to enforce civil rights laws?

I have felt that the best obstetrician to deliver my baby would be the one who had just lost a big malpractice case; maybe the same idea applies to Attorneys General?

There's hope

Sean Spicer just said the administration is going to work to eliminate duplicity--no more alternative facts!!1!

Thinking about the marches today

and kind of angry that they won't mean anything to Donald Trump, mostly because his fragile ego will not allow him to countenance the fact that so many people are against him, but then it occurred to me: these marches aren't for Donald Trump's benefit. The people who will see them and pay attention are Trump's handlers and all of Congress. I think too many Republicans have fallen under the enchantment of those Trump crowds with their cheering and "lock her ups" and have let slide their awareness that almost 3 million more people voted for Hillary than for Trump. I think the marches will also invigorate Democrats in Congress, encouraging them to resist. They know we are behind them. These marches, and I hope many more to come, will remind Republicans that we're not going to "just get over it."

Honeybees appear to be swarming in W. PA


This is a good thing, but is there someone at the site who will capture them and get them into a hive? Right now, they appear to be swarming around the feeder top right.

Window-breakers dressed in black

in downtown DC, big confrontation with cops--anybody else hear this on NPR?

Another response to my Breitbard ad crusade

This one came from Primal Health, which pedals information like the one food you must not eat if you want to get rid of belly fat:

Hi there,

The placement of our ads is beyond our control as this is the responsibility of our third party ad server. This in no way means that Primal Health LP is in support of any political views, much less that of Breitbart for that matter.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we will try to hook up with our advertising partners to resolve this issue.

Best regards,

I wrote my standard email to them, as I do to all advertisers on Breitbart, saying that my family and friends will not do business with any concern that advertises on Breitbart. I am encouraged that at least a couple of these companies at least responded to me.

Can somebody help me with images?

This might be totally a function of my laptop, but in case it's not: When I copy an image, I am unable to paste it into my post to DU. The "copy" seems to work fine, but the "paste" in the edit box remains light, not in as dark print as the other functions. I have tried limiting my image searches to copyright free and free to reuse, but no luck. I have tried c/p to a Word document, but they won't paste there either. Any ideas? Thanks.

I've been sending emails

to companies advertising on Breitbart.com, and I have had an interesting exchange with a person from CellularOutfitter.com. The email I sent--same one to each advert.--"My family and friends refuse to do business with any company that advertises on Breitbart.com"
The first reply was this:

Thank you for contacting us. Let me help you with your concern!

We are not connected to the site that you have mentioned on your email.

Also, our website only sells cellphone accessories.

Let me know if you need anything else. I am here to help.

I wrote back that they were indeed connected to that site, that their ad was displayed there. I told her that there is an internet movement to pressure, through boycott, supporters of the racist, misogynistic Breitbart, and I invited her to check for herself.

Today she wrote back:

Thank you for your reply.

I will have this email be forwarded to a higher department so they can look at it carefully.

Again, thank you so much.

Such a small victory, but I'm very proud of myself. I don't even care if their ad continues to appear on Breitbart; at least one person at CellularOutfitters.com knows and cares enough to ask questions.

I'm willing to give the press a pass

on their behavior at that first "press conference" because they were apparently not expecting Trump's behavior, but if those reporters have any integrity at all, they will leave en masse the next time Trump refuses to allow one of their colleagues to ask a question, and then boycott his "press conferences" until he apologizes for his treatment of the press.

They/we cannot allow this guy to abuse our free press. Plus I think they should boycott his press conferences anyway because he does not really answer any questions. Let him continue to preach to Breitbart and America One or whatever the hell the name of that thing is, and let the legitimate press go ahead and do their jobs without having to pay any attention to his fucking lies.
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