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Member since: Mon Dec 5, 2016, 04:05 PM
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The ACA offered insurance policies that cover Viagra

Why wasn't that the first area of attack, instead of birth control for women?

Oh yeah. They're Republicans. Never mind.

Doonesbury's Roland B. Hedley Jr.'s twitter!!!!


A question for Sen. Sessions

and every other nominee for a cabinet position:

Did you ever, in your life, use the N-word?

They will have to answer honestly because for sure someone from their past will rat them out if they don't. I think a positive answer to that question should be an absolute disqualifier.

It just occurred to me

that Trump himself probably thinks Obamacare and the ACA are two different things, and that is why he's in such a hurry to ditch Obamacare, because he thinks people will still have the ACA. I bet you ten million dollars that that's what he thinks.

Poor hardworking miners, their troubles are great

After their pathetically jubilant support of Donald Trump and his promises to bring back coal mining jobs, miners are slowly wakening to the fact that a repeal of ACA will make it much more difficult for them to receive black lung benefits and treatment. Before 2009, the burden was on the miners to prove that their carbonized lungs were the result of working in the mines. With the Byrd amendment to the ACA, miners diagnosed with black lung who have worked 15 years or more in the mines are assumed to have contracted their disease through their work, a common-sense provision that greatly eased obtaining benefits. Buyer's remorse, the most common side-effect of voting against your own best interests. Poor miners.
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