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Member since: Thu Jan 19, 2017, 01:55 PM
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Watch the Hannity from tonight...

It's 40 minutes of awkwardness trying to defend Moore.

I know... It's weird... but I swear it's worth it...

Even his normal lineup of talking heads was like 'Damn, that dude is guilty as hell' and Hannity flopped around like a fish.

I don't know how they made it past the screeners.

Don't forget...

Never again....

As the incompetents leave the administration...

... Is there a danger that they could be replaced by someone with the same shit agenda but there has been enough time to find someone who actually knows how to manage, organize or god forbid... govern?

I sometimes wonder if the stupid devils we know are better than the likely more intelligent ones we don't.

Someone like Besty Devos, who by all accounts is an idiot, could be replaced by someone who knows what's what.

NRA spokeswoman says shes moving due to gun control death threats

The spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association says death threats from “gun control advocates” have forced her to move her family from their California home.

“Spent my weekend preparing to move due to repeated threats from gun control advocates,” NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch tweeted Sunday to her 642,000 followers. The tweet included a photo of bags presumably filled with her belongings piled up on her floor.

Loesch, a frequent cable news guest, also wrote that one person threatened to shoot her after obtaining her private cellphone number, another threatened rape and another “dragged her kids into” the threats, ultimately prompting the move

Staunch gun control advocate Chelsea Clinton weighed in to support Loesch, calling the threats “awful and unacceptable.”


It's nice that Clinton supported her but that comments section. What an ugly place...

The Democratic Party has an age problem

Democratic leaders across both the legislative and executive branches are generally older than leadership on the other side of the aisle, leading to some restlessness among the lower ranks who have been patiently awaiting their turn at the top.

The most recent blow to those hoping to climb the ranks? Dianne Feinstein, 84, the oldest senator currently serving in the chamber, just announced a bid for re-election to the seat she's held for two and a half decades.

The presidential field also looks like an uphill climb for young Democrats: apart from a couple of standout young senators, names like Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden still loom large among the potential hopefuls.

Part of the problem for Democrats is one of recruiting. Historic losses over the last decade in statehouses across the country have not helped create a bench of energized new lawmakers. Further Democrats have had difficulty winning new seats in the House since the tea party wave of 2010 and redistricting in the wake of that year's census



Data and more info at the page. Limited by 4 paragraph copy rule.

Posted in GD as I don't think this qualifies as news. This is not a slam on anyone so much as an attempt to help folks understand what it's going to take to stop Trump in 2020.

Jason Aldean Covers Tom Petty As 'SNL' Responds To Las Vegas

Saturday Night Live breaks its format only rarely. The cold open sketch, which addresses one of the week's big news stories, is one of its immovable objects. But from time to time, they do change the structure — perhaps most famously when the show returned after September 11, when Paul Simon opened it singing "The Boxer" surrounded by New York City firefighters and police, as well as then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

This Saturday night, SNL broke format again. The show opened on Jason Aldean, who was on stage at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas on October 1 when the attack began that left 58 people dead and injured nearly 500. Aldean introduced himself and spoke about solidarity with everyone who was hurting in the wake of the shooting. "When America is at its best," he said, "our bond and our spirit, it's unbreakable." He then performed "I Won't Back Down," from Tom Petty's huge 1989 album Full Moon Fever. Petty died Monday night, the day after the shooting, from cardiac arrest.

A song like "I Won't Back Down," actually not unlike "The Boxer," delivers a general message of perseverance that will be read in a variety of ways by a variety of audiences. And in that way, it echoes the difficulty of responding to tragedies: It's clear that there's a challenge to persevere against, but it goes unstated what that challenge is.

But while Aldean didn't address it, the show didn't avoid the gun control debate that has raged since the shooting. Later, "Weekend Update" began with host Colin Jost saying, "The investigation into the tragedy in Las Vegas this week has sparked a larger debate in America between people who want common-sense gun control and people who are wrong."


Could Mueller ever execute a no knock warrant at the White House...

... For documents and evidence post January 20?

Spicer always had that guilty dog look... Sanders just looks offended...

... that someone had the gall to ask a question.

How many people in your personal circle still smoke?

I was listening to a Sam Harris podcast and he talked about how limited his social circles are. He made a joke that Christopher Hitchens was the last person he knew who smoked regularly.

Made me think...

I'm an Army guy and I don't know one officer who smokes regularly and maybe 1 or 2 above specialist who still smoke ...

(Copenhagen doesn't count)

Is your experience similar? Some? Many? none?

Is your social circle diverse or limited?

Could science convince you that the shooter was not ethically responsible for his actions?

If an autopsy could show that an undiagnosed mini-stroke or tumor had damaged his frontal cortex (for example) and removed his ability to consider ethics in his actions... Could you accept it?

In short, if the switch were "flipped" and he went from upper-middle-class realty guy with no history of violence, crime, or guns to what we saw in Vegas could you ever see him as a victim, not in control of himself?

Side note: I'm not suggesting that this is actually the case. I have no idea. I doubt we'll ever know if he blasted his brains out either.

This is just a thought experiment based on some interviews I heard with brain scientist Robert Sapolsky and others.

Bolded for cwydro
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