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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
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Duncan pup will be a year in may and I'm grilling

I feed all our dogs thirteen year old golden retriever ten year old chocolate lab people food. Always have all of our dogs in past people say you should not feed dogs people food I ask them well what did we feed our dogs before bagged dog food.

Last year in July when Duncan was two months old and mister runt of litter came home yes I adopted the runt and through summer well shit last eleven months Iíve shared peanut butter or meat with him like our older furry boys.

Today grilling Iím smiling because heís in memory mode Duncan hey man that chicken smells good. Mister is staying close to man as I grill my wife said heís at moment all your dog.

Anybody remember thunder road the Robert Mitchum moonshine movie, it's my mother in law this morning

My wifeís aunt and mother in law showed up to visit and in the car they were hauling four boxes of wine. Crossing state lines hauling hootch in I think a 2003 Ford Taurus. The boys helped the ladies unload suitcases and hootch I told my wife I do not think 17:00 online Saturday Lutheran services will be happening for her and aunt and mother just a informed observation from previous experience.

And my mother in law informed my wife and I she wants to go over her estate planning as sheís updated her last will and testament sheís in great health and I love her. And yet in her next breath her full snark comes out oh I see Duncan has learned so well from obedience training .Duncan pup as he was digging in back yard she told him to stop he looked at her and started digging again.

So I replied yea no problem on going over your estate updates I said just do it with your daughter Iím superstitious I donít wanna jinx you. Then I added in full snark jokingly I said in the son in law industry we call that estate planning on a mother in law a waiting game she knows I love her.

Feeling relieved thanks president Biden Covid vax noon, and I read the Russians are going home.

Having coffee at kitchen bar with the pup heís at moment tearing the stuffing out of a toy hedgehog reason is I need to get that squeaker man. Our sixteen and seventeen are up today at noon for pfizer vax.

Our eleven year old kiddo has to wait I was told until may or June . I was told this yesterday on phone by a nice woman at mass vax site. The fine young man is with us through foster care and his mother has no problem with him getting vaxed. As I sit here having coffee Iím listening to our eleven year old picking triads on fretboard hitting the notes to make them ring and chime connecting them together up and down the fretboard. This poor kid weíve corrupted him in the year heís been with us. As in heís a avid fisherman later today this evening weíre going after trout.

And in I quote my wife heís become as my wife puts it referring to me guitarded itís not my fault i tell her I been exploring the fretboard since age eleven and Iím now fifty five. Oh good news Du community Duncan has made it to the hedgehog squeaker and now has the zoomies. So along with listening to triads we now have a grunt grunt simulator oh hold on itís getting better the sixteen year old just woke up. Heís making a hot tea in his boxers and is wearing half a tube of toothpaste on his t shirt. Itís a play by play people now Duncan is humping his boys leg and squeaking the toy you wanna play kid.

And Iím so happy vlad is bagging the buildup on Ukrainian border yes I was fearful. Putin feeling trapped and I was worried he may try and pull a soviet movement to contact and the west would get involved. I know of three young men active duty one in navy two in the army. And then our older two I think theyíre only a year or two from possibly enlistment. I jokingly tell them I was eighteen when I enlisted i soldiered in the 82nd. Yet then I caught PCs to west Germany and it was like animal house the movie only differences was we had rifles and crew served weapons Have great day Du community.

A woman was flirting with me at grocery store , my wife said she has Covid

I asked my wife why she would think that. My wife replied clearly she has no taste.

I told my wife she drew her eyebrows to high

She looked surprised

I brought my girlfriend home to introduce her to the family

Kids like her yet my wife seems upset

Abigail jenks a FO spec 4 at Bragg 319th arty Rest In Peace

Died on Airborne ops 4/19/2021 she was 21 Iím 55 now a former 2/325 PIR 1984 1985 . Much respect from this old Airborne infantry soldier Airborne specialist jenks. In reading this a brother paratrooper sent it to me it breaks my heart.

It is a mystery our dogs mister big paws and the boog

A thirteen year old golden retriever who is completely deaf a ten year old chocolate lab who was sacked out snoring on the couch. And the sad part the fed ex guy delivered a package and boog slept through home defense.

Yet when I go to the kitchen and crack the peanut butter and graham crackers they appear share mister pack rules. So then my wife says hey I could use a graham cracker with peanut butter Iím like quiet fellas sheís onto us.

So I quote pollock master sgt, One benefit of the Vietnam war going to school with black kids

So itís a ramble Iím over my Covid isolation sitting on back porch. So Iím talking with my wife and boys over coffee earlier and we were talking about my family back home in western Pennsylvania. To quote pollock master sgt a hateful pack of hyenas my relatives in western Pennsylvania we grew up members of same tribe the master sgt and i. My point is living as child in military community it was diverse as in black and white my first three years of elementary school was the same until we moved home to magastan western Pennsylvania as I refer to it now and absolutely no diversity.

In military community us young kids played together we went school together ate Mayo and bologna and processed cheese sandwiches at each otherís homes. Years later I remember walking around benning after jump school and seeing this playground so Iím thinking that looks familiar and maybe twelve years earlier as a young kid we played on that playground as the housing area was across the road.

And even in the army well infantry racism was not a issue eighteen years after civil Wrights movement. Any racism was usually generational learned yet unlearned really fast. Example a young kid from Alabama I remember this cuz he was proud he was from Alabama him I at time perhaps eighteen in age a couple days into our osut infantry cycle refusing to shower with black folks the Drill sgt telling him to shower was black. Iím thinking this will not end well and it didnít yet nothing ended well at osut in benning it was just how it was as in always collective punishment one fucks up all pay.

Today we live in central Pennsylvania between Wayneboro and Gettysburg very rural and magastan the keystone state the Mississippi of the north and its so true. So in my ramble yea the first three maybe four years of elementary school being so diverse is the perhaps the reason Iím the way I am today. Sure I have prejudice in me towards republicans trumpublican nazis any run of the mill facist.

So a guy walks into a bar with a piece of asphalt under his arm

He tells the bartender Iíll have a beer and one for the road please.
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