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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 2,233

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Is there a central site that is showing info on rioters?

It would be helpful if as they are identified pressure could be brought to bear on employers etc. It is my understanding that some have been identified and already have lost jobs. Terrorism has consequences.

Anyone know

when Ahole 1 is due to land?

Hell of a sendoff

for Hair Hitler. Maybe before he goes we can give him a couple more things to worry about.

Always heard what a helluva lawyer Cruz was

Heard how he was brilliant before the Supreme Court. He came off as a petulant child today

I loved how the Dems

worked the conversation to shell corporations and money laundering. My opinion that is where Trump is most vulnerable. Several outlets have reported 50% of his sales have involved shell corporations.

Jared Kushner?

Viceroy, Prince, Field Marshall?

Trump claims executive privilege in lawsuit

Trumps lawyers have filed a claim in a civil suit in New York that constitution keeps him from being sued by a former apprentice contestant who claims he assaulted her the lied about it and defamed her.

The Irish people told us how to deal with Trump

Keep pissing him off. He's a bag of Dicks.

How in the hell is a Royal Family ok In America?

What has become of the common sense that used to understand nepotism was a bad thing. It didn't bring us the best and brightest just all the bad characteristics of the originator. When did it become acceptable to have daughter wives with special privileges and unelected Son"s in law becoming quasi President with sweeping powers?

Trump couldn't finish

what Ryan sharted!
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