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Member since: Wed Mar 15, 2017, 02:56 PM
Number of posts: 2,358

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Liz Cheney speaking

Care not a wit for her politics, but I respect the hell out of her

One of these things is not like the others. Can you guess which one?

CNN: Biden news conference amid crisis in U.S and abroad.

MSNBC: Biden to hold news conference with Israeli P.M.

Fox News: Biden holds press conference in Jerusalem

Can you believe it? Even Fox took the high road!

I'm not an Ari fan, but he's the one to watch regarding Navarro on MSNBC right now

I sure hope President Biden is making a concerted effort to reach out to the people of Cuba

This is a chance to make some positive inroads with the Hispanic community of Florida since he did so poorly with them in the last election, and Cuban Americans aren't likely to forget his endeavor. I hate to look at their growing misfortune this way, but the other side is cheating blatantly. We need to seize hold of every opportunity that comes along, and this one is golden. It may work, it may not work, but as the saying goes, nothing ventured nothing gained.

If trump issued pocket pardons wouldn't the Biden Administration know?

If he had and since he is no longer President, couldn't they release the information and say who has one right now? Don't want to see AG Garland start rounding up these cretins and we get the Gomer Pyle treatment. Surprise, surprise, surprise! (Yeah, my age is showing, but so what?)

Brianna Keller is like a dog with a bone lol

She won't let this guy go and she won't let him wiggle his way out of the gnawing she's putting on him!

Anyone know the arrest count?

I was half asleep around 3 this morning and I thought I heard CNN say that it was 83. Wondering how many more of these terrorists they captured.

Hey Donald Trump!!!

I got one name for ya... Letitia James!!! She'll be waiting for you on the playground after school on the 21st of January!

Can someone with better skills than me please post

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye by Steam? I think the occasion calls for it. If it has already been posted and I missed it, my apologies.

Trump, trump, trump...

So much for his thinking that this virus is just a black and brown disease or a disease that only afflicts the poor. He himself proved, and quite stupidly by repeatedly holding super-spreader events, that this thing can hit anybody. Black, white, rich, poor, from the outhouse to the White House, from Skid Row bum to President, the virus just doesn't care.
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