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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 15,083

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The only conclusion i can possibly come up with is

RUSSIA has got some real fucking dirt on almost EVERY rethug in congress. THEY are the scummiest lowest mother fuckers EVER!

This is for the BIG day TFG goes to NY! I'll be first here to propose a toast!

Time for the news media to do their FN jobs right!

They need to ask ONE FN question to these ASSHOLES saying "It's a WITCH HUNT" Media needs Ask them if they know what TFG is charged with! WE KNOW they do not and cannot answer that question!! So maybe a little fucking question asking would STOP these fuckers comments! Don't let them off the hook. 30 plus indictments for Christ sake! Shoot them fucking questions out there!!

Just gotta say, i'm really confused with the Stormey Daniels hearing. (lawyer problem)

So could it be possible that the conflict of interest between the attorneys client was PLANNED? Just cause another DELAY? I mean so if true, what if any charges will be brought forth? Like i said, i don't get it!

Well, my way of thinking is, The first indictment is the FIRST

Open wound of TFG! First cut of many to come! It's really really the sign of things to come for HIM.

Question. DO RETHUGLICON states know Judges decision already?

Seems to me they could NOT outlaw mail order abortion pills without Judges order? Why are they going ahead and doing what thay are doing?

A GAG order!

Please if anything happens next week. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, just GAG this mother fucker!

Well i've tried and tried to find out why it's almost impossible to buy Brachs Double Dipped peanuts

Anybody here smart enough to figure this out? I've googled like crazy. My son asked me if we can buy them where we live, because he can't there. I said oh yea we can get them, but all of a sudden we can't get them here either. Well, just thought i'd ask here.

Our country is being attacked every second every minute every hour every day of the year by

Our so-called Americans. Theses no good cultist traitors are NOT Americans, they are TERRORISTS! There is an ALL OUT ASSAULT happening in EVERY rethuglicon state! (Even in our court system) I'm so sick and tired of their all out assault! They plan new shit everyday. Had to vent a little here!

Sitting here in North Dakota, looking out the window and wondering how the wildlife can survive

With all the snow we have now. (everything covered with 2 or 3 ft of snow) Then i think about California and the 7 to 10 feet of snow they are getting. How much wildlife is DEAD under all that snow? WOW just WOW! I bet the wildlife loss will be above any numbers we've ever heard before!
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