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Comfortably_Numb's Journal
Comfortably_Numb's Journal
June 6, 2024

A Proposed Katy Turd and Magat Haberman drinking game. When either of these two drumph stenographers are on tv,

take a drink when they make comments that are clearly fluffing Orange Foolius, rather than reporting news objectively. Shouldn’t take long to be crawling on the floor. Clearly CNN and M$NBC have taken the “ignore it until it blows over,” so might as well enjoy the journey.

May 30, 2024

Katy Drumph, errr Tur is shameless. She is preoccupied with Shitbird's feelings, and it's sickening.

On and on. Thank Odin Nicole is up next…fucking Katy…
Update: 6:15 eastern—-there’s turd again….bragging about stroking—I mean covering-trump for the last nine years. Take a bow Katy, you bought and paid for shill.

May 17, 2024

Katy Tur is not missing a beat. No word about being called out as a trump stenographer on MSNBC. In the tank for

Orange Fooolius. Still adding her drivel to the dialog this morning.

May 13, 2024

Drumph is pathetic, but he is especially pathetic reading his faux news and Steve Bannon clips after court. Anyone

would offer sympathy for an actual human who was this needy. But Drumph is just sickening, puny, weak, and needy. I wonder how much the wireless printer stoolie get paid to print off that garbage.

April 18, 2024

Jesse Watters and his propagandist network Faux News are engaged in witness intimidation, plain and simple.

Strongly worded letter? Pearl clutching?? Fainting couch?. What the *uck is it going to take to stop this bullshit.

March 1, 2024

As we agonize over a typical right wing reactionary court decision looking for a ray

of hope, what about this: All of these delays push drumph’s trials past the election. President Biden monkey stumps the Cheeto Shitgibbon and wins his second term. With no clock constraints, Jack Smith expands drumph’s indictment AND indicts all of his unindicted co-conspirators.

February 25, 2024

In all our joy about Orange Skidmark having to pony up the penalty money, what is the status of Uday and Qusay?

Do they have to put up $4 million now too? What about Weisselberg? There goes half his hush money…didn’t Combover Caligula give him $2 million to keep his pie hole shut?

February 21, 2024

Who wore it better-Mask Edition!!!! Tennessee Nazis or Alexander Smirnov?

To be so proud, these Nazis and Russian assets sure like to cover up. Gotta credit Tiedrichwith this nickname. Not that it will deter Comer Fudd.

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